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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Pictured above: Diego, happy to be working mobility during Bend and Brew.



AMRAP 5 min
200ft WL
200m Weighted run 50/35
Time remaining: Max Calorie Row/Bike

Rest 5 min

AMRAP 5 min
100ft Single DB front rack WL 50/35
200m Weighted run 50/35
Time remaining: Max Calorie Row/Bike

Rest 5 min

AMRAP 5 min
50ft Double DB front rack WL 50’s/35’s
200m Weighted run 50/35
Time remaining: Max Calorie Row/Bike


Saturday, October 3rd

Starting at 8:15 am for the early heat, and continuing at 9:00 am for the main heat, with a 9:45 heat if necessary.

In tradition, we will complete GRACE MEETS HELEN. A double GRACE **(as a team of two) plus a double HELEN. Also in line with tradition…we all will wear PINK! Even they guys….especially the guys!

As many of you know, Rebels’ family has not been spared from Breast Cancer’s strike. Yet our community is strong and they have all battled and survived!

As a family, we WOD to promote awareness that screening and prevention are the keys to survival! Also, for our CrossFit Rebels family who has battled breast cancer and won…and for those who’ve battled and lost, we WOD hard. We WOD together in pink to remain strong and healthy to help prevent breast cancer and also to be healthy enough to fight it should we encounter it.

We support the organization  Barbells for Boobs.
They raise money to provide funds to those who can’t afford screening mammograms,
and they raise awareness that screening is the key to survival.
You can donate on our fundraising page HERE

You can buy an official CrossFit Rebels B4B Shirt from our friends at Whateves Apparel at THIS LINK.

SATURDAY, 10/3, the early heat will START at 8:15.
Arrive 8:15 with your teammies and set up.
Heat 2 will start around 9:15 (again, arrive at 9 or before and set up).
If we need a Heat 3 we’ll go at 10:15.

Hennes Bakery……will be on-site with post WOD carbs!
A portion of the proceeds from each sale will also benefit Barbells for Boobs!

And possibly Southern Lights will leave the side door open 🙂

Otherwise…BYO celebratory after WOD beverages!

Sign up for your heat WITH YOUR TEAMMATE – it’s is in the schedule book – and if you need a partner, note that and we’ll help find you one!

**want to see the best GRACE ever? Check this out: 30 thrusters @ 5# 

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