Sunday, March 22nd, 2020

Happy Birthday Theo Huff! Today would have been little Theo’s 5th birthday. Tomorrow we will WOD for him!

We’re going to keep you guessing to keep the interest up this week…Monday you’ll get one WOD (Theo’s WOD). You’ll learn the WOD at 4:30 every morning versus a week in advance.

Today is usually a rest day, but seeing as how some of us have been semi-resting with this work and train from home, we had an idea.

How many of you scroll back through all the useless photos on your phone to delete every once in a while? Todays a good day to do that!  Start cleaning up things you haven’t thought of!

I did that early Saturday morning….and it turned into a “let’s have fun looking at the last three months”!

Three ish months ago we were all chillin in the photo booth at our Holiday Party!

And Coach Paul turned 30!

And the CF Kids competed in a local competition!

Oh…and remember the time Crummy was being chased by the cameraman at a competition! (never gets old!)

Just a reminder: step away from the chips!

Then Oscar & Jess got married!

Then Haylee and Chris got married!

Then Haylee and Chris got married!


Emily ran a really fast half marathon!


We continued to train anyone who wanted to CrossFit including one of our newer athletes who has a bionic elbow! We love how CrossFit can be adapted to anyone of any age, ability and speical circumstance.


We continued the Sunday Hero WODs…they started last year as a fundraiser for all the fun new equipment we got…including the rig that will be delivered NEXT WEEK. Hero WOD funds now go into operating capital…but they remain a fun addition to the box!


And then there was the 2020 Battle of the Sexes. Guess who won? (AGAIN!)

The drinking game is always a hit!


Rest up Rebel Family! Next week’s a new week!