We’re Sorry Fam…

Sorry Fam…

We know some athletes were upset Tuesday night because we ran out of equipment to RX the MetCon. In the past, we would have seen who was on our paper schedule and asked those who weren’t on the schedule to kindly scale or do the skill/strength WOD first (before the MetCon) so the class was split and we had enough equipment.  However, now that we’ve moved to an electronic scheduling system, we rely on our athletes to sign up online for classes. We still have a few people who need to set the PushPress Members App up on their phone to get on the schedule and remember to do that for every day. We understand that it can be tough to create a new habit like that and remember to use our new system.

With implementation of our gym management software and moving away from paper to electronic, we know things haven’t been perfect. We’re sorry that during the last few weeks things may have felt a little confusing or that new stuff has been sprung on you, or even that communication has been lacking.

Ya’ll Sam and Ed left BIG shoes to fill and we are doing our best to continue to provide the highest quality programming, the highest quality service, and the highest quality overall experience to you. We’re implementing these new systems to make your lives and ours easier, so we ask that you please be patient and understanding during the transition and that you do your best to use the new systems as consistently as you used the old ones. It’s because of YOU that Rebels exists and we have not lost sight of that. We thank you for your patience while we navigate forward. We are always open to feedback, comments, and questions. And if you haven’t done so already, do us a solid and set up your PushPress Members App and start to schedule and check in for classes online.

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