Week of May 31 2021

FOR THE WEEK OF May 31 2021

This week’s birthdays: Jessica Plumb (Monday May 31), Dustin Kassowitz (Tuesday June 1), Bud Elias (Sunday June 6)

Bench press in a metcon?!? Hank S, Coach Pete, Coach Slice, Coach Terry, Bernie G, and Jonathan G posed for a completely serious and not at all silly shot after getting their pump on this past Friday



1-mile run
100 Pull-Ups
200 Push-Ups
300 Squats
1-mile Run

Weighted Vest- 20/14


15 min AMRAP
Row or bike (calories)


Deadlift to mid thigh + Pause Clean (pause in catch for 3 seconds) + Clean + Jerk Dip + Jerk:
– (1+1+1+1+1) x 3 working sets @ 65-75% 1RM Clean.
* Rest 60-90 secs between sets


Clean deadlift to mid thigh + clean + Jerk:
– 4 singles @ 80-90% 1RM Clean.
* Rest 60-90 secs between sets


Alternating Dumbbell Snatch (50/35)
Burpee over Dumbbell


Power snatch waves:
3 @ 70% 1RM Power Snatch
2 @ 75%
1 @ 80%
* rest 2:00 *
3 @ 75%
2 @ 80%
1 @ 85%
* rest 2:00 *
1 @ 85+%
* rest 1:00 *
1 @ 85+%


Open Gym Or…

Group Stretch

Metcon Option

Teams of 2
For Time:
300 Double Unders
30 Power Cleans (205/135)
300 Double Unders


Strength Option

Push Jerk:
– Build to a heavy single for the day in 15 minutes
* rest 60-90 seconds between sets *


For Time:
30/24 Calorie Assault Bike or row
Wall Balls (20/14)
Toes to Bar
30/24 Calorie Assault Bike or row


Back Squat for load:
– Build to a heavy single for the day in 6 working sets
* rest 60 seconds between sets *


8:00 AM Open Gym

9:00 AM Partner Workout

Monday May 31 is Memorial Day, Let Us Honor All Those Who Have Given Their Lives in Service to Our Incredible Country

The CrossFit community has a collection of workouts known as Hero WODs. These workouts are traditionally named after and done to honor and remember military veterans, first responders, and people who dedicated their lives to serving others and have now passed away. Perhaps the most famous hero workout is known as “Murph”, named after Lieutenant Michael Murphy, and CrossFit gyms traditionally do this workout on Memorial Day to honor and remember all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for us. You can read about LT Michael Murphy here. Enjoy a happy and safe memorial day weekend, and let us all give thanks for blessed country we live in and the men and women who serve it.

New Midday Class Times and Open Gym Policy

We’ve combined our previous 3 midday classes into 11:30am and 12:30pm only in an attempt to increase class sizes and create a more fun, energetic training environment. This change is reflected on PushPress when you go to schedule classes as well as on the website.

We’re adding additional open gym opportunities starting this week! Thursdays will stay the same, but now we’ll allow athletes to stay after class and stretch, do accessory work, etc. Here are some basic rules for the new policy:

  1. We require that you do class first – class is always the best way to increase your fitness and have the most fun!
  2. Class gets priority on space, equipment, and coaching
  3. Use the time for accessory work that you’re already familiar with – this isn’t the time to learn a crazy new skill all on your own that you’ve never even been introduced to.
  4. If you worked out in the last class before the gym closes then there will be no open gym time afterward – you can only stay for open gym if there’s another class after yours.