Week of May 3 2021

FOR THE WEEK OF May 3 2021

This week’s birthdays: Mike Flynn (Friday May 7)

Congrats to Ryan Pasco, our Athlete of the Quarter! Read all about him on the blog here and around the gym!



For Time:
400m Run
5 Rounds of Cindy
400m Run
4 Rounds of Cindy
200m Run
3 Rounds of Cindy
200m Run
2 Rounds of Cindy
200m Run
1 Round of Cindy

*1 Round of Cindy is:
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Air Squats



For Time:
120 Wall Balls (20/14)
120/90 Calorie Row
*Reps can be partitioned – athletes can move between movements until total reps are completed


The Protagonist
3 Rounds
10 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
10 Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans (50s/35s)
50 Double Unders
– Rest 1:00 –
3 Rounds
10 Handstand Push-Ups
10 Dumbbell Push Press (50s/35s)
50 Double Unders


Open Gym Or…

Group Stretch

Option:Teams of 2
40 GHD’s
8 Rope Climbs or 32 Strict Pull-Ups
80/60 cal Assault Bike
30 GHD’s
6 Rope Climbs or 24 Strict Pull-Ups
70/55 cal Assault Bike
20 GHD’s
4 Rope Climbs or 16 Strict Pull-Ups
60/48 cal Assault Bike
10 GHD’s
2 Rope Climbs or 8 Strict Pull-Ups
50/40 cal Assault Bike


“Don’t Try To Understand It. Feel It.”
For Time:
Power Snatch (185/135)
Burpee Box Jump Overs (30/24)


8:00 AM Open Gym

9:00 AM Partner Workout

New Midday Class Times and Open Gym Policy

We’ve combined our previous 3 midday classes into 11:30am and 12:30pm only in an attempt to increase class sizes and create a more fun, energetic training environment. This change is reflected on PushPress when you go to schedule classes as well as on the website.

We’re adding additional open gym opportunities starting this week! Thursdays will stay the same, but now we’ll allow athletes to stay after class and stretch, do accessory work, etc. Here are some basic rules for the new policy:

  1. We require that you do class first – class is always the best way to increase your fitness and have the most fun!
  2. Class gets priority on space, equipment, and coaching
  3. Use the time for accessory work that you’re already familiar with – this isn’t the time to learn a crazy new skill all on your own that you’ve never even been introduced to.
  4. If you worked out in the last class before the gym closes then there will be no open gym time afterward – you can only stay for open gym if there’s another class after yours.

Ryan Pasco is our Athlete of the Quarter!

Ryan Pasco has consistently put in a tremendous amount of work at Rebels day in and day out, and it’s certainly paid off! He has made tremendous progress in his fitness journey with us and had some fun along the way. Read all about him in our little interview below!


  1. How long have you been a member of CrossFit Rebels?

I started my CrossFit journey at Rebels a little over 5 years ago.


  1. What have you most improved on as an athlete at Rebels?

Surprisingly, I think the biggest improvement has been mental. For all the physical gains, the biggest area of improvement for me has been the ability to stay  in the fight when a WOD gets hard and my body tells me to quit. It’s amazing to me how much of a mental sport CrossFit is. 


  1. What are your favorite movements and workouts?

Anything with a moderate to heavy barbell. Also I like bar muscle ups because they are still very challenging for me and I like working towards straining them together when I’m mid-WOD. My favorite WOD is probably Grace. 


  1. What are your least favorite movements and workouts?

Not a fan of strict handstand push-ups. They don’t bode well for me and when I fatigue I hit a point where I can’t get them any more, which is really frustrating! The worst workout in the history of CrossFit is Kalsu.


  1. Do you have a favorite CrossFit Rebels memory? Or what achievement on your CrossFit journey are you most proud of?

I think my favorite memory was my first open workout. It was on my birthday and it was open workout 17.1. I was incredibly nervous. Didn’t really know what to expect. I pushed myself harder than I had done before on that workout. I had the Rebels community cheering me on and it felt amazing. I crushed the workout and I felt like I had a home in the Rebels community. 


  1. What book has greatly influenced your life?

I’ll say 1984. This one has really stuck with me. I see it as a warning and it definitely makes me think about parallels in life. 


  1. Has a “failure” of yours set you up for success? What’s your favorite failure?

In terms of CrossFit, I wouldn’t say there is any one that stands out. But when there is a workout that I don’t finish or can’t RX, I like to look at what went wrong and how I can get better. I always get excited when we do a workout that I have done before, especially when I felt like there is a lot of room for improvement. But that’s kind of the mantra for CrossFit, right? Constant improvement. 


  1. What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

Stop and smell the roses. Life is always changing and you don’t get moments back. Make the most of them.


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