Week of March 22nd 2021


This week’s birthdays: Mike Lisi (Wednesday)

Coach Haylee ripping through snatches on her way to completing 21.2 during our Friday night lights for the Open this past week. Thank you to Falon for lots of great photos!



Snatch Technique (15)

5 Sets: 

1 Power Snatch

1 Pausing Overhead Squat (3 seconds in the bottom)

1 Snatch Drop


A Tribute to Theo

For Time:

22x Cal Row

17x BJ 30/24

15x DL 185/135

12x C&J 185/135

9x FS 185/135

6 x 30 DU*

*6 Bar Facing Burpees after each set of DU

25 min cap


We do this workout in honor of the precious life of this sweet boy Theo Huff. Ricky and Leah Huff gave birth to Theo on 3/22/15.  This sweet innocent boy was diagnosed with cancer at 5 months old.

Coach Nicole came up with a version of this workout for the kids to do to honor Theo’s courageous fight during the CrossFit Rebels’ Spring Jamboree. During that time, Theo had already undergone 17 treatments but was still able to grace us with his presence and attend that Jamboree!

After 19-month-old Theo grievously lost his 14-month battle on 10/21/2016 we modified this workout to be done on Theo’s birthday each year by the adult class. It is important to remember this sweet boy. He was born into an unfair world with extremely unfair circumstances, but he never stopped fighting. He gave his family and EVERYONE who knew him loads of joy and plenty of laughs and love.

We will all forever remember the life of Theo Huff!



The Old Block (25)

For Time:

50 wallballs 20/14

40 box jumps 24/20

30 lateral barbell burpees

20 power snatches 115/85

1000 m row


CashOut (15)

4 sets NFT:

10 weighted Situps (Heavy)

10 weighted situps (light)

10 abmat situps (no weight)



Handstand Walk (10)

EMOM x 10 Min

Minute 1 – handstand walk practice

Minute 2 – recovery row


Dia-bolical (20)

For Time:

500 m bike, 21 DL 225/155

500 m bike, 21 SHSPU

500 m bike 15 DL

500 m bike 15 SHSPU

500 m bike, 9 DL

500 m bike, 9 SHSPU



Group Stretch



*If doing the OPEN nice slow, keep body moving


Bike: 600m

Row: 400m

Run: 200m


stretch, foam roll, get ready for last OPEN workout



21.3 – TBD

Watch the live Open announcement early on Thursday afternoon at


8:00 am Open Gym, 9:00am partner workout – come see what Coach Pete has planned!

Why Should You Hire A Professional Junk Removal Service ...

We’re clearing out the back room behind Rebel Health for some exciting projects, so stay tuned for more info on that! If you have any stuff stored back there (there’s still quite a lot back there, even some baby pictures) please pick it up this week!


THE OPEN: 2 Weeks Down, 1 to Go

Everyone did a great job during week two here. Whether you’re competing officially with a judge Friday night or Saturday morning, hitting the workouts hard in class, or just coming out Fridays and Saturdays to be part of the community and cheer people on, thank you! You all have made the Open a great success and a ton of fun already.

If you haven’t come out during the Friday night (7:15 pm) or Saturday morning (10:15 am) judging periods please come on out! This coming week is our final week of the Open, and it’s one of the best and most fun showcases of all the things that make CrossFit and specifically CrossFit Rebels really special.

Check the leaderboard here:

The Open brings together multiple generations


Please be aware that Legends and Kids classes occur throughout the day and space and equipment on the

west side of the gym is needed.  Classes are often preset with boxes and other equipment, so please ask a coach before taking equipment or setting up in this area.

-Legends classes: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8, 9, 10, 11 am
-Kids classes: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 4, 5, 6 pm

Week of March 15March 29 – March 31 2021