Warm Up

**1. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate**
5 rounds
(5 max burpee penalty)
– into –
3 Sets
5 Slow and Controlled Banded Back Squats (empty bar/ add weight)
10 Dead Bugs

**2. Strength Prep**
Find 8RM. It should only take 4-5 sets to find 8RM. During those building sets, we should only hit 3-5 reps. Make to maintain good form through each rep. Finish the 8RM inside the 10-min mark and use 5 minutes to complete the 2 drop sets.

*3. Workout Prep**
1 set
5 Calorie Row (workout pace)
100m Run (workout Pace)
5 Calorie Row

Hang Squat Clean 1×3Skills and Drills