Warm Up

**1. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate**
Banded 7’s
Hip Halo
5 min AMRAP
5 Snatch Grip Push Press (empty bar or PVC)
5 Overhead Squats (empty bar or PVC )
5 Up Downs
5 Kipping Pull-ups/Rings Rows

**2. Strength Prep**
Give athletes 10-12 minutes to work up to a heavy set of 3 Snatch Push Press (from the back rack) + plus 1 overhead squat. Athletes are allowed to take the bar from the rack and should make sure to move far enough back from the rig so that the bar won’t hit the rig if the bar is dropped forward. Demo to athletes how to “absorb” the bar into the back rack by dipping as the bar comes back down from the previous push press. Athletes should not add weight unless it feels good and looks good.

**3. Workout Prep**
1 set
3 Overhead Squats (workout weight)
3 Bar Facing Burpees
3 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Warm-Up With Chris HinshawPower Clean + Hang Power Clean + Push Jerk 4×6