Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Happy Birthday Mike Lisi!



“A Tribute to Theo”
For time:
22 calorie row
17x BJ (as high as possible)
15x DL (you pick weight)
12x C&J
9x FS
6x (30x DU, and do 6x BFB after each set of Dubs)

25′ cap



“A Tribute to Theo”
For time:
400M run or 2 min run
17x Tall jumps or jump overs (jump over a family member on hands and knees)
15x Weighted Single Leg DB DL (8 on the non-dominant side, 7 on dominant side)
12x Single DB C&J (8 on non-dominant side, 7 on dominant side)**note: video is from the hang; you’re going from the deck.
9x Single DB FS
6x (30x DU OR SINGLE UNDERS, and do 6x BFB after each set of Dubs)

25′ cap



“A Tribute to Theo”
For time:
400 M Run (2 min)
17x Jump over something (family member on all fours)
15x Non-weighted Good Mornings or single leg straight leg toe touch
12x Step back lunges
9x  Jump squats
6x (30x DU OR SINGLE UNDERS*, and do 6x BFB after each set of Dubs)
*If you don’t have a rope, do lateral hops side to side over an object like a shoe

25′ cap


This is new! We’re now in the swing with our forced closure with the Kids Program! WORKOUTS WILL BE POSTED MONDAY WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY (not Thurdsay)



RE: COVID-19 – there is no new news on closures. The local cities are meeting at 1pm today to discuss, among other things, if they will invoke a shelter-in-place order. If this occurs, some of the small group training will get harder, which will make motivation even harder. Nothing we all can’t survive, but we need to stick together, remember the basics …and remember this won’t last forever. We’ve been through worst…unlike the last hurricane that kept us from training, we have power, food and water.

By the time you’re reading this, our team will have met to form some plans for April to continute providing the WODs online, possibly livestreaming classes, and getting a little more creative with programimg to keep the skill and challenge high and the interest higher.  We promise, we’re “ON IT”!

RE: APRIL – we anticipate we will remain closed 4/1. As soon as the governor lifts the ability for gyms and fitness studios to re-open, we’ll open that next day. In the meantime, we’ll be reaching out to everyone via email regaring April. We know we are not the only personal service based business in trouble…restaurants, bars, all personal services are struggling. We have heard from some of you that you anticipate continuing to pay April’s dues in exchange for the programming we are putting out.  Some of you have offered to pay for those who can’t, and for that we are so grateful.  We also know some of you, like us, have been forced to close, have been laid off, or lost hours. For you, we don’t expect anything…we expect you to keep training, call/text us if you need equipment we can provide (no charge!) and let us know what we can do to help.

We are in contact with a few companies THAT ARE HIRING! Let us give you some info.