The 2020 Health Challenge is upon us!


Its that time again!  30 days…one month…a small time commitment for the beginning of a lifetime of health!  30 days to see if eliminating possible food addictions, food allergies, gut-damaging foods makes you look, feel and perform better…doesn’t sound that hard, right?    Every year, multiple times, we “launch” into  structured Challenges here at the box, but if you want to try it yourself, all you need is a little time to plan, a guideline from which to plan your meals, some support, and the desire to be as healthy as possible


    • Sunday, February 16th @ 1:00pm


    • The rest of your Sunday 🙂


    • Optional body composition testing Thursday, February 13th from 4:00pm – 8:00pm and Friday , February 14th from 4:00pm -7:00pm.
    • Sign up at box – appointment based body composition and macros

START DATE: Monday, February 17th

END DATE: Monday, March 16th


  • $75.00 to enter.
  • The Application process to connects the participant to their coach, helps us gather data on the savviness of our athletes, and helps organize goals and troubleshoot challenges. The application is a whopper…will give us a good idea of our athletes and how to work with them – quizzes placed within it!
    1. Coach manages/tracks points per participant
    2. Coach checks in daily
    3. Coach troubleshoots with applicant (communicates with other coaches and FB group where appropriate)
    4. Coach shares with other coaches so we can all support when at the box
    5. All the coaches can be involved as the athletes have to check in on FB private group daily for a point. They’re posting their “stress management/”Ommmm”” activity.
  • You get:
    • 30 days to apply solid healthy lifestyle principles to help kick off new lifestyle habits
    • INFORMATION – no fads, just facts.
    • Daily, weekly education and information at the box, on the blog, in the FB group.
    • Private FB group for support, guidance and check ins
    • Assigned coach for daily support and accountability
    • Baseline fitness testing pre and post challenge
    • Point-based leaderboard with weekly updates done by your coach (not you this time!)
    • Optional Body Composition Testing $25.00 (Skinfold Test and Body Composition Report). Why do this? Review the body composition changes that can be made in 30 days of adequate food intake, training, and recovery.
      • Optional Customized Macronutrient breakdown based on YOUR Body Composition report $50.00. Includes Body Composition Testing (above), Basal Metabolic Rate calculation with customized Macronutrient breakdown (daily Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat grams/calories). 
      • For $75.00 we’ll meet and explain everything  in a 1:1 session. Why the 1:1? Because many people don’t understand how to break down these numbers into a meal plan that fits their daily schedule and eating preferences.
    • The winner, based on points, will receive:
      • 1 month free membership
      • …and a huge goodie bag!
  • Point system based on our foundations of health (in order of importance) where participants earn points in the following categories that we believe create robust health:
    1. Sleep – 1 point per day for 7 + hours per day
    2. Diet – specifically for consuming adequate protein (defined), adequate starch (to support performance), non-starchy vegetables for nutrient density, and water for hydration. No added sugar and no booze on this challenge!
      • 1 point daily for adequate protein (low and high levels established for each participant based on body weight -presented at the seminar – or lean body mass if doing body composition testing) We will use the IAAF’s 1.6-2.4 grams of protein per Kg of BW as the guideline.
      • 1 point for adequate starch (fuel) per day which will be between 1 and 4 cups average (50-200+) grams…we have a lot of people on lowish carb diets and we don’t want to exclude them…but our goal is to normalize them if they’re low based on their activity and goals
      • 1 point for 4 cups of non-starchy vegetables per day…so 2 cups of vegetables per lunch and dinner meal, (you get a pass for breakfast if you want)
      • 1 point for ½ gallon+ water per day (8 cups). No other liquid counts.
      • No artificial sweetener (sucralose, Splenda…..) -1 point
      • No added sugar -1 point for consuming “added sugar” -defined in kick off meeting
      • No booze! -1 point for consuming alcoholic beverages
      • Exceptions will be announced on blog.
        • No bonus for not indulging in “Exceptions”
  1. Training/Physical Activity
    • up to 3 points a week for CrossFit
    • 1 point per physical test the first week* (3 total)
    • 1 point per physical test in the final week* (3 total)
  2. Distress Management”
    • 1 point per day for employing one of the many strategies we give you for a measly 5 minutes per day. (box breathing, guided meditation (, LAX ball, yoga, stretching, ROMWOD, playing with the dog, throwing a ball against a wall…). Must post what you did to FB group for the point. That is part of your “check in”
  3. Testing – *During the training week, we will include, exclusively for participants of the Health Challenge, a minimum of two training sessions (likely 3) to improve the HIIT, Distance and Loaded tests.


Congrats to Coaches Leigh and Crum!The Upset