Team WOD & Open Gym

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Happy Birthday Robert F and Nicole P!

8:00 Open Gym or Team/Individual WOD
9:00 Team/Individual WOD


Be sure to check the blog tomorrow. Most of you know, every Sunday we give you the programming for the week to come. Look at it! Plan your week. If you don’t have a plan….well, as they say: “Fail to plan = plan to fail”. Have a plan!

Actually… good life lesson…for most things.

If you struggle with diet/nutrition: establish a plan. If you plan your meals, prep your meals so your plan has some substance, you’re more likely to succeed than if you don’t plan and try to manage your diet “on the fly”.

If you struggle with exercise: plan your training. You know when you work, when you have family time, when you need to clean up around the house….so figure it out. There is always time, and your health is your future, so it’s important enough to schedule in. It’s an hour a day!

If you struggle with being productive (in life, at work…): why? Write it down. Identify the problem and PLAN to change it.

This is a fluffy post….but know that your coaches are your family. We’re more than just your trainers, we want to help you succeed in life. Use us!

Back to the programming – look at it! Know when you’re training. Know what your goals are. Communicate with us and let us help you succeed!

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