Monday, May 4th, 2020

Happy Birthday Emily H!



4 Rounds (8 cycles)
20 seconds on/10 seconds off

:20 hollow hold
:10 rest
:20 ME push up*
:10 rest
*During :20 of push ups, must stay in plank


5 Rounds
3:00 on/3:00 off

10 burpees
20 x 10m shuttle run
ME DU in remaining time
Score=ME DU


We’re now in the swing with the Kids Program! Check it out HERE (link)


Our Legends Program has a video whiteboard discussion. It posts on their FB page on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but you can check it out HERE (link)


We are preparing to re-open!

This information will go out via email this week as well so watch your inboxes for an email from “”.

While we don’t have a solid date, we strongly anticipate Governor DeSantis to allow us to open up on Monday May 11th, or Monday May 18th. He has been providing press conference guidance on Wednesdays. Again, we don’t know, but we’re getting ready!

While “we” were away….

we were still at the box. Every day, Paul, Nicole, Tiffany, Jaida, Ed, Sam and Haylee when…not quarantined (Haylee had a rough go of being exposed!) we systematically (and sometimes a touch of disorganization) tore apart the box and put it back together.

We painted virtually everything. We reorganized to be more efficient. We cleaned. We purged. We did maintenance that was overdue. We found projects that we didn’t even know needed done. We lived in barbell rust dust and paint fumes many days. We did all the things as CF Coaches and Trainers don’t typically do. We were without athletes…the hardest part.

Finally, it’s time to talk about the details of reopening.

We will follow this up with a final draft of how we’ll roll this out.

The “adult” or main CrossFit Program will come on line first. Legends will follow approximately a week after (so we can ensure our procedures are easily reproducible for this program).  The CF Kids Program will most likely come on line at a slightly later date due to the concerns about children and the ability to social distance. Preteens/Teens may come on line first.


Currently, we do not plan on requiring athletes or coaches to wear masks to train or coach. Per CDC cleaning guidelines, coaches will wear gloves to clean in between classes.


From the replies to texts messages to you all, we have the class schedule laid out. We will text you to confirm your class times and days before reopening (including the date of opening of course!).

We have 18 (maybe 20 with some wrangling) “stations” in the gym with an approximate 10 foot distancing between stations. Each station will ideally have a rower or bike (we will not be running initially upon opening), barbell, plates and collars, wall ball,  pull up bar, plyo box, dumbbell or kettlebell. Of course this won’t be perfect but knowing in advance which athlete is heading to which station will help the coaches set things up appropriately to minimize moving equipment and cross-contamination.

The 6am class is currently overfull. We are currently working on the ability to open a 5 am class (at the very least 3x/week) to decompress this until social distancing guidelines are relaxed. Some of you have expressed the ability to do 5am so we will be reaching out to you this week to confirm and further inquire.

Certainly in some classes we will have availability for last minute add ons. Some of you have expressed the need for flexibility due to work and we understand and part of our plan using the box phone (in the pocket of the Head or Lead Coach on the floor) and quick text replies, we can accommodate this. “Dropping in” without notice will be frowned upon and if you do this, and if we have room, you will be last priority to getting the class set up.

Unfortunately we remain in the holding pattern of not being able to allow visitors, drop ins or new athletes that are “new to CrossFit” – e.g. needing the onramp. We just don’t have the space to run the onramp, or private training until things relax.

PARENTS WITH KIDS! We are also trying to accommodate those of you who need your kids to be able to hang out while you train. We can put “two” (which could be more if in same household) in the CF Kids “waiting” room, we can put four in RebelHealth and if need be, we can park one or two behind the coaches desk. Currently we are noting if you’ll need this option so we can space it out.

SHOWER. We know some of you will still need this…and will do our best to work through this as well, cleaning and disinfecting after you leave.


Each class will be called into the box, through the front door, once the previous class has exited (out the back). Details of this to follow.

Each athlete will be assigned a station (numbered) and will go to that station and remain there throughout the class. Each station will have equipment in it so there will be very little running around (if any) for equipment. The only community equipment will be jump ropes and extra bumper plates. Coaches will help distribute and clean.

After the WOD, athletes will wash hands in one of the four sinks available IN THE BACK of the gym, and exit the back overhead or side doors.

Then the next class class will be called in the front doors.


Equipment in each station will be cleaned prior to the first class. Doors will be propped open and lights left on when possible (not bathroom doors of course) to limit touching of doorknobs and switches. Each class will “re-clean”/wipe down their equipment and area before and after they train. Coaches and staff will also clean and disinfect common areas between classes. The Bulldog floor cleaner will be run several times a day.

We will be using a hospital grade cleaner called HDQ and bleach (not mixed of course) for cleaning and disinfecting.

Each station will have a “bucket” of clean rags and a bottle of cleaner/disinfectant.  There will be a central container for dirty rags.


As it stands right now we will run one line of programming initially up reopening.

We realize many (most) of you have not had regular access to a pull up bar or a barbell, or heavy loads. We will take this into consideration upon opening and in the first month of programming.

Thursdays will be programmed until social distancing rules are relaxed. There will be no Thursday Open Gym


Memorial Day falls on Monday 5/25. In good conscious we cannot close the box or open limited hours. We plan on running this as a normal day, and we’ll adjust the schedule up/down based on need.  We will likely still be in social distancing mode, so 18 -20 people in the gym at a time.  The thought (still TBD) is to run a normal class schedule that day and offer a level of scaling that decreases the pull-ups. Most of you have been running and doing pushups and air squats – no problem. But 100 pull ups after that first mile run is probably not smart for some. More information to come on this.


Based on prior Saturday attendance, we anticipate running three classes on Saturday: 8am, 9am and 10am, and we will need people pre-committed to their times as again, we have 18-20 stations.


We will need to begin the process of getting the loaned equipment back to the box so it can be cleaned and be ready to put to use. We will announce a return date, most likely the weekend before we reopen, Saturday and Sunday. We’ll drop off at the back door and sign back in the equipment and you’ll be on your way.

Be patient with us Rebels. We have done our best to keep you training, with options, entertained, and “checked up on”. We have, like you, lost motivation, missed the community, and have been a little lost with all of this isolation. But it IS coming to an end!

We’ll see you soon!

Quick feetDumbbell DT