Sunday Rest Day

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Rest Up Today!

We are open Monday!

Everyone training Monday should have received a confirmation text for class time. We are SOLELY using the box phone for this so we can better keep track of availabilty and spaces. We have 17 racked/rigged stations and 2 additional using the yoke and a rack with rings. This will be weird and not the norm, but it’s temporary.

It’s important that if you are not feeling well, or have been knowingly exposed that you do not come in. We understand everyone is missing the box but let’s be safe so we can remain open.

We are planning for Murph but will not work the schedule for the day until later in the week. We will start att 6am and run heats every 30 minutes starting from front of the box.

Ed is planing on bringing Legends back to the box with limited classes on Tuesday 5/26.  Many will return June 1. We have temporarily changed their days to M/T/Th to lessen the midday load.

Nicole is working on a plan for bringing kids on line as soon as we figure out space and staff – with social distancing and kids she’ll need help.

Thank you all for your support of us over the last SIXTY DAYS. This has been surreal. We are humbled by your commitment to the community and support of all of us and each other. We truly are #rebelstrong.


SaturdayEMOM and a FUN 10RFT