Over 60 days ago, pretty much right after Rebels closed due to COVID19, small groups or “subsets” of Rebels began to form for several reasons:

  • for camaraderie
  • to be held accountable to continue to train
  • for that “push” during training
  • to battle social isolation.

After all, the true goal was physical distancing, not social distancing.

We watched this all transpire and eventually began using our athletes’ Instagram and facebook stories as blog photos! They were better than anything we could find in the archives!


Sometimes it was families with children holding each other accountable and finding fun in CrossFitting together.


Sometimes it was athletes from afar that followed our programming and helped us keep up with them! Hey Luke!


And sometimes past athletes made guest appearances…making us smile all day!

There were so many! If you follow the blog, which you should!- you’d know there were a lot.

Well, one of these subsets of Rebels celebrated the end of the box closure and their time together growing as a team who I personally watched on their CoronaRebels facebook. I saw them offer to watch each others kids so they could train. I saw them calling those out who had been MIA. And I watched them welcome a teenager into the group who needed that “group atmosphere” to keep herself on track as she had some fitness tests that were important for college. Coach TerryHo largely started and led the group, and for this we’re grateful.

These were some pictures from their weekend trip together to celebrate the 60 days that brought them new friendships saved their sanity during COVID. We’re proud of everyone who kept training and realized how important it was to both mental and physical health during this trying time.

Memorial Day MurphAll the Cardio