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Strength Bias Program

CrossFit is a blast! No doubt! Constantly varied, never boring.  But it’s easy to “overdo” with the excitement of the chase for work capacity and PR’s (personal records).

For that reason, we created a process by which our CrossFit athletes can “opt out” of the WOD (workout of the day) on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s to lift and work strict gymnastics…more old-fashioned strength and conditioning throughout the year. Studies show that people with higher levels of strength and more muscle mass live longer. Probably because that functional strength allows them to be independent longer thus staving off the diseases of modern society longer as well.

Our Strength & Conditioning Programming represents our education, experience and study in fields of GPP, Strength Training, Conditioning, Plyometrics, Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting and Hypertrophy Training.

Lyshia at an easy 245#

Why “Strength”? Why not marathon training? Why not yoga?

Well, without citing ALL of the scientific literature that ties strength to longevity, to higher bone density, and to a longer independent functional lifestyle, we can just tell you that from our years of experience, men and women of all ages who engage in a strength and conditioning program see the following:

  • improved body composition (less body fat, denser muscle mass)
  • improved functional activities (activities of daily living)
  • improved brain function
  • improved blood markers including, but not limited to, blood glucose and cholesterol levels
  • improved confidence
  • …and so much more

It is our opinion that from a pre-teen age, everyone can benefit from a structured strength training program whether it be barbell or gymnastics/calisthenics.


1st and 2nd quarter of each year we focus on raw strength: Back and Front Squat, Deadlift, Bench and Shoulder Press, strict and weighted gymnastics and balancing unilateral and auxiliary lifts and exercises.

Lifting structure may follow a Wendler or Starting Strength style, but we’ve been known to employ Westside Barbell and other common structure to accomplish our strength goals.

We often add power clean and power snatch to the programming so our Strength Program athletes don’t go very long without exposure to the important Olympic Lifting.


This quarter we squat!  We use various styles of squat cycles from the 20 Req Squat Cycle to other variations. But we squat…a lot. Strategically so as to not overwork your joints. To round out the hour athlete will work strict gymnastics and auxiliary lifts to build stability and strength where we don’t typically focus on the workout of the day (WOD).

This is a difficult quarter but the dividents pay off.


The Lift Off.  November is the month CrossFit and Rogue Fitness launch the Lift Off.  The Lift Off is a traditional Olympic Weightlifting competition with age and weight classes for the Clean & Jerk and Snatch, and includes one CrossFit-style workout. In true CrossFit Games “Open” style, the lifts and workout are presented on a Thursday night and athletes have until Monday to complete the lifts and the WOD.  We host judging for this every year.

To prepare for the Lift Off, in October athletes proficient in the Clean, Jerk and Snatch may opt out of the WOD on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and work their skills with drills, complexes and submaximal training in these lifts, as well as some conditioning.  This program is designed to prepare athletes for the Lift Off in November.

At times the 4th and 1st Quarter programming runs together to help us prepare better for the CrossFit Open in February/March. Once we get the dates we work the schedule from that.