Snatch for load, then sprint for time!

Monday, June 15, 2020

Crum and Lilla kickin it old school.

Work Out of the Day

This week you will begin seeing (sometimes) a higher level in the “RX” or posted programming.  AS ALWAYS, the scaling options and progressions will be posted at the box, and BEFORE you look at the programming and think: I can’t do that, remember this, in or around 2015, we would say it usually takes a newbie, off the street, about 6-9 months to be able do the movements and WODs we program “as RX” or as the workout is written. As time as progressed, CrossFit loads and movements got more difficult – the sport progressed. No longer were kipping HSPU enough – strict were needed. And then strict at a deficit.  The load of 135/95 was said to be heavy, now it’s moderate. Athletes get better and the sport progresses accordingly. As you know, we have a very diverse box in level of ability, and for this reason, as we continue to try to navigate ourselves out of COVID, our programming will take a slightly different form as we incorporate more of the competitors programming into our daily WODs. THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE’RE OVER PROGRAMMING FOR YOU. It means we’re able to look at the programming and adjust the loads from “RX+” (competitors) to “RX” to intermediate and beginner…just as before. You simply may see some things that might make you think “What the heck”…don’t fret. Talk too your coach…this will be a good opportunity for all of us!


I.  Snatch
9×1 starting at 65% and climbing


II.  For Time
1 Mile run**
80 DU
60 KBS (55/35)*
40 BJO (24/20)
20 Burpee

Cap 20-25 minutes

*RX+= KB 70/50
**We are running today…on a public street. Please review the information in News and Updates!



  1. Strict HSPU
    7 sets, staying below max effort by trying for similar numbers each round
  2. “Flex Seal”
    For Time
    50 Sit ups
    25′ HS walk
    25 Dbl DB DL (50/35)
    25′ HS walk
    40 Sit up
    25′ HS walk
    20 Dbl DB DL
    25′ HS walk
    30 Sit up
    25′ HS walk
    15 Dbl DB DL
    25′ HS walk
    20 Sit up
    25′ HS walk
    10 Dbl DB DL
    25′ HS walk
    10 Sit up
    25′ HS walk
    5 Dbl DB DL
    25′ HS walk


  1. Squat EMOM
    10 Minute OTM 2 back squats* @ 60%
    *RX+=box squat @ 60%
  2. “Five Below”
    AMRAP 5′
    100 DU, into max rounds of:
    6 Lateral DB burpee
    12 DB FS (50/35)
    -Rest 5 minutes-
    AMRAP 5′
    100 DU, into max rounds of:
    6 Lateral DB burpee
    9 DB thruster (50/35)
    -Rest 5 minutes-
    AMRAP 5′
    100 DU, into max rounds of:
    6 Lateral DB burpees
    6 DB clusters (50/35)


  1. Grunt Work NFT:
    100 Squat
    100m Farmer carry
    50 Sit up
    100m Farmer carry
    80 Squat
    100m Farmer carry
    40 Sit up
    100m Farmer carry
    60 Squat
    100m Farmer carry
    30 Sit up
    100m Farmer carry
    40 Squat
    100m Farmer carry
    20 Sit up
    100m Farmer carry
    20 Squat
    100m Farmer carry
    10 Sit up
    100m Farmer carry


  1. Squat Clean and Jerk
    11×1 starting @ 65% and climbing
  2. AMRAP 12′
    20 WB (20/14)
    2 Bear complex* (135/105)
    Bear complex=unbroken set of:


PLEASE be aware of their need for the west rig and ask a coach before setting up in that area.
Many thanks from the CrossFit Kids Classes!



Unfortunately, we are still on hold for accepting visitors to the box. We have health care workers and athletes who are caring for older parents and the safety of our community is important.

As soon as local cases subside and the concern of the spread has subsided we will revisit the visitors policy.


We are coming into our 5th week open  after 60 days of being closed. Yes, Ed and I are news people (Ed too much!) – but you can’t hide from the stats, even if they’re not always accurate – the trend in cases is rising. New cases are rising, especially in the age group of 25-34 year olds.  The death rate however, is plummeting. So however you reason this out – younger people are getting it but aren’t succumbing to it? Most likely. Regardless, our diligence in cleaning continues and “social distancing” as well. To date we don’t know of any one from the gym or related to contacts with someone from the gym having the virus.

Many things remain the same:

  • wipe down your equipment before and after
  • wash your hands frequently
  • respect others space
  • tell a coach if you are uncomfortable

Some things have been updated:

  • continue to enter through the front door
  • Legends continue to enter through the side door
  • the schedule book is back in play – there is a “bin” for used pens, and we will spray them down with Lysol before recirculating them
  • you may exit the front or back



This is Joel. Joel enjoys long weighted runs on the side of the road. Be like Joel.

Here at Rebels we have a decent run set up. We can utilize our back door to run to our straight, flat road and go down and come back without any hills, obstacles or obstructions.
Here are some situations our coaches have experienced while visiting other boxes on vacation:
-Have had to run down/up stairs leaving and entering the building
-Have massive hills as part of their 400m (talk about slowing your times)
-Crossing train tracks at a busy intersection
-Big rocks and gravel to be avoided
-Running through bushes to get to the trail that is the actual run path.

All these things can make your run much more challenging and a lot scarier. We’re not running on a residential road, so there are no dogs chasing us. But this is a public road so we have people flying to and from work at all hours of the day. All we have to do here at Rebels is KEEP OUR HEADS UP and STAY OUT OF THE STREET! …And wear the occasional reflector when it’s dark out.
We all know how tired we can get while running, especially a few rounds into a workout. Being on a busy road like we are we ask that you keep your head up and be vigilant while you run. It is the cars job to avoid humans and it is the humans job to make themselves easily avoidable. =-)

If you were driving to work at 7 in the morning and it was still dark out and you are half awake would you be 100% ready to avoid someone running in the road? This is how we have to think. It is a two-lane road, metaphorically and literally. So let’s hug the side of the road as closely as possible.

REST YOUR LITTLE SOULSGymnasty all the way