Skeptics! Health Challenge Week 2

The Skeptic’s Smile: Straight lipped and apparently genuine…but…

Monday 2/24 marks DAY 8!

NO ONE…I repeat, NO ONE, has fallen off the wagon, or at least admitted it! That’s pretty amazing. Lots of questions, a few struggles, but all in all, everyone is reporting progress!

Topic for the day (most of you had better be in bed when I press PUBLISH) so we’ll say for Monday is aligned with how much of what you read to you actually believe? I’ve often told Ed I’m not easily impressed…and when I am I’ll admit it whether it’s a person, their accomplishments or someone’s performance in a WOD.

How many of you have actually followed something you saw someone you think looks good on FB, Instagram or a website? Of course you have! We all have. Social media and mass marketing have changed the way we learn…we no longer learn solely from experts in the field…or our parents! We now learn from anyone who can “create an account”. And what’s worse, even if we’re reading or watching someone who is referencing “science”, it’s pretty simple to spin this stiff in various ways to fit your bias.

Chris Kresser is an MD proacticing functional medicine. He’s big on the fact that he’s changed his position on things over the years becuse research and his experiences have disproven what he might have once thought…and those are the people (with the crednetials) you want to list to and watch!

Kresser published two recent articles on the topic:

Why You Should Be Skeptical of the Latest Nutrition Research, Part 1

Why You Should Be Skeptical of the Latest Nutrition Research, Part 2

They’re long…but education is expensive – either via time or money – it’s expensive. Scan them if you have time. Become an informed consumer. Become a skeptic…that’s how our RebelHealth (diet and nutrition arm of Rebels) came about…you have to be a Rebel for your own health!

Nothing fancy today – just something to take your mind off the fact that if you get through this week you’re half way there!

See you at the box!