Saturday, March 21st, 2020

Happy Birthday Sharon H., Trish O!




400M Run with DB/KB
30x DB Thruser (single)
30x Russian Twists
400M Run with DB/KB
30x DB stepback lunges
30x VUps
400M Run w/ DB/KB
30x DB or KB Swings
30x Pushup + RK2E + LK2E
400M Run w/ DB/KB




400M Run
30x squat + lateral jump over (something)
30x Russian Twists no weight
400M Run
30x stepback lunges
30x VUps
400M Run
30x single leg (straight leg) toe touch (alternating)
30x Pushup + RK2E + LK2E
400M Run


On the COVID-19 front, yesterday Governor DeSantis closed all gyms, in addition to other “non-essential” businesses.  Guys….he closed gyms, not your ability to do “fitness” so let’s get on it!

We remain closed, but we are continuing to put out daily programming both along our normal template but also aiding it with scaling for home gyms, limited equipment and no equipment.

It is unlikely that we will be able to re-open on 4/1 as we’d hoped but we are reassessing DAILY, and watching the stats for Florida and our area closely.

On the box front, we have accomplished a few things while training has been closed.

  • A lot of cleaning!
  • A lot of painting
  • A lot of maintenance, including cleaning out the maintenance closet
  • Ripped up the old 321GO welded rig
  • Put down new flooring in the entryway
  • Taped up new wall ball lines on the kids side and will add the 8 foot masters line on the adult side
  • Older plyo boxes were painted

Still to be done:

  • install new rig (arrives next week) that was purchsed from the renovation fundraiser money
  • paint entryway
  • finish Skill Level 1-2 revisions and reproduce for athlete use; they’ll now have M1 and M2 scaling!
  • More paint
  • More cleaning
  • Do something with the big blue wall

We are missing everyone in the empty box. We will all get through this. We know it’s hard.

Keep in touch – let us know if you need anything! We’re still 100% here for you!