Saturday, May 23, 2020





  • No Team WOD, sorry. Unless of course, you’re a same-household and want to share a station and call it your “Team WOD”
  • 8am is currently full as of Friday evening…but if you want to train and text box phone we may have a spot.
  • 9am is also currently full-ish as of Friday evening…but ditto the note above
  • There will be a WOD posted (spoiler alert: Tommy Mac!), or you can use the time for Open Gym. Either hour.
  • We know Saturdays are chill time….but unfortunately under the current CDC reign, in order to be compliant, we must maintain our entry and spacing protocols. If you’d like to station next to a friend, let us know and we can try to rearrange when we’re at the front, calling you in.


  • We are running 30 minutes heats with a brilliant plan! The 9:00, 8:30, and 8:00 heats are full. There was room as of Saturday in the 7:30, 7:00, 6:30 and 6:00 am. The box phone IS AT THE BOX. If you want to train in an early class, text the box phone and we’ll reply during the 6:00 am hour.
  • Rain plan: there is none. With these restrictions…if it rains and doesn’t thunder/lightning, we’ll train in the rain. It’ll be GREAT! If it thunders and lightnings, we’ll reschedule. It’s not idea with our set up anyway…so another option in …July maybe…might be a good idea!



Today we all will have survived one week of this “stuff”.

We’re happy to say the response to the extra effort has been good. We are definitely overdoing it and hopefully, soon we’ll relax some of the excessive cleaning and possibly shrink the excessive distancing…but for now this is us!

We don’t often have a class that jams up where we have to turn people away because you all have done such a fantastic job letting us know when you cant train but are on the schedule, so thank you!

Things that will continue:


These items are simply to help us keep proper social distancing, and reduce the surface areas that will need to be sanitized.

  1. Continue to wipe down your equipment and station before and after you train.
  2. Change into your workout clothing at home (or at work) if possible.
  3. Post workout, if you can, shower at home.
  4. When nature calls, it calls…but we’d be doing a disservice if we didn’t encourage you poop at home too.
  5. Be mindful of how much gear you bring in. Gym bags will stay with you at your pods, as opposed to being stored on shelves.
  6. Stay hydrated, for sure! It’s getting hot out! That being said, all drinks should have a lid.


  1. They will begin creeping up in volume. Continue to listen to your body – it’s only been a week.
  2. You’ll continue to see the barbell and pull up bar work…need to get your hands re-conditioned!
  3. You may see a dumbbell in the next few weeks…don’t be upset! It’s the dumbbells that made some of your squats look so good!
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