Open Gym , Yoga & Team WOD

Saturday, November 16, 2019

And best of luck to our athletes competing in the Clearwater Beach Brawl this Saturday:


Oscar/Matt/Matt (Matt & Matt are friends of Oscar)
Zach/Max/Rhett (Max & Rhett friends of Zack)

8:00 am Open Gym and Yoga

9:00 am  Coach Nic’s Team WOD



Welcome to a sport where typically our neighbors who don’t CrossFit: 1) don’t understand what the heck we’re doing, 2) think we’re weird, and 3) feel like we’re IN THEIR WAY all the time. It’s the nature of the CrossFit-gym-beast.

Parking is a bit of a premium during busy classes so this is aimed at directing you on how and where to park without ruffling the neighbors’ delicate feathers and preventing your car from being towed😬!

DO NOT PART ACROSS THE STREET! YOU WILL BE TOWED! Mega Seating has already made good on that threat, please don’t tempt them.

Please do not park in front of THE NEW (NORTH MOST) BAY DOOR in the west-adjacent building in our parking lot. The new tenent is building out…a brewery! Can’t wait right?  We try to put cones out to prevent parking there. If our lot is full please park in the street, to the west, and not at any of the neighboring businesses lots. Our neighbors are fairly tolerant of our activities on Sunnydale and beyond. Yes, occasionally our athletes have WOD-brain and run in the middle of the street. Occasionally we swing wide out of the parking lot and forget to see if there are cars coming. Yes, we’re not perfect. Some of our neighbors have taken more aggressive stands to prevent us from parking where we don’t belong. There are three “don’t do’s”

  1. Don’t park in the spots across (north side of) the street where Mega Seating is now in business. They have a towing contract and threatened to use it.
  2. Don’t park in the spots in front of any other building– adjacent/west-most building  – so facing south, directly across from Mega Seating. West facing parking against that building is OK.
  3. NEW: Be careful parking in the back gravel lot. The lawn company has also obtained a contract with a towing company (new sign up, you’ll note)

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