Sunday, October 27, 2019

Happy Birthday Blaine and Mariah!









  1. Push jerk
    5×3 @ 85%
  2. 10 x 100m sprint
    Rest 90 seconds
    Score=slowest 100m


  1. Front squat/back squat
    12 rounds (6 each)
    2 front squats
    4 back squats
    From the rack. Increase from last week to 71% 1RM BS
  2. BlooDThirsty
    AMRAP 12′
    12 DL (155/105)
    9 HPC (155/105)
    9 Strict HSPU
  3. Accessory Work (Time Permitting)
    2-3 Rounds
    10 DB Bulgarian split squat
    15 BB good morning
    20 Abmat sit up


  1. For Practice and Consistency
    50′ HS walk
    5 Strict pull up (DB weighted)
    50′ Single DB OH WL (50/35)
    5 BMU
  2. 20′ AMRAP
    70 WB (20/14)
    400m run
    30 DB SN (50/35)
    15 BMU



  1. 3-5 Rounds NFT
    1 Round Cindy (5 pull up, 10 push up, 15 squat)
    15/12 Calorie bike
    10 BB OHS (45/35)
    15 Abmat sit ups
    10 DB HC & J (50/35)
    Goal: control intensity


CrossFit Open Workout 20.4



(SMART: SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, RELEVANT AND TIMELY.  SMART goals.  As you set your training goals, make sure you use the SMART priniciples to setting actions plans to achieving them)

CrossFit is hard.  It’s also strategic, though it may seem “constantly varied”.  It’s supposed to be:

  • hard and fast,
  • heavy,
  • sometimes light,
  • of a high level of skill that needs to be practiced and drilled often,
  • grounded in basic fundamental skills that are simpler to learn,
  • long and sustained,
  • taxing to multiple body parts with compound movements in one WOD,
  • taxing to the same body part with multiple movements in one WOD,
  • need the ability to tolerate high volume training without always “competing” at high volume training

…in a nutshell, sometimes you have to be smart about your WODs and know, for you, if you should go heavier in a WOD with maybe a slower time, or go faster in a WOD with a lighter load.  Why? If your metcon ability is good but your strength is not, going heavier might help you depending on what the rest of the week looks like. If your strength is good but your cardio is not, then going lighter and faster might help you.

Your coaches work with you every day and know your body, know your abilities and your strength and weaknesses and very likely “what” you should do.  Keep that in mind the next time you hit a WOD and your body is feeling run down. Think about that as you think about your training and all the facets: strength, cardio, SKILL (both on the barbell with your Olys and your gymnastics skills)…time to dial it in and think about your fitness as a “whole package” versus just beating the shit out of yourself every day. That’s not what CF is…and that’s not what our programming is all about.

Talk to us and let us help you. The weekly programming is released in advance to help you plan your week. Use it!