Rest Day

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Happy Birthday Coach Lilla and Coach Crum!


P.s. Coach Brian Newdeck’s birthday was yesterday!! 




  1. Front squat/Back squat
    6 Rounds alternate: 2 FS, 4 BS
    (Rd one: 2 FS, Rd two: 4 BS, repeat)
    From the rack at 65% 1RM BS
  2. 15′ AMRAP
    20 DB HC+J (50/30)
    200m run
    20 DB box step up (50/35)
    200m Run
    20 DB sit ups (50/35)


  1. Deadlift
    5 Rds
    1 tempo DL (6161)* + 4 non-tempo reps
    *(6 seconds to the top, 1 second pause at the top, 6 seconds to the bottom, 1 second pause before next rep)
  2. Childs Play
    3 RFT:
    15 DL (205/145)
    20 DB FS (50/35)
    80 DU
    Cap 15′


  1. Gymnastics NFT
    1 Ring MU + 50′ HS walk
    2 Ring MU + 50′ HS walk
    3 Ring MU + 50′ HS walk
    2 Ring MU + 50′ HS walk
    1 Ring MU + 50′ HS walk
  2. Chelsea
    30′ EMOM
    5 Pull ups
    10 Push ups
    15 Squats
    Continue as long as you can complete all 30 reps per round
  3. Accessory Work:
    15 Sit ups (GHD or abmat)
    1:00 Seated bicep stretch
    15 Banded pull aparts
    15 Sit ups
    15 Banded pass throughs
    15 sit ups
    1:00 deep push up pec stretch



  1. Push Press
    5×5 alt with 7 unbroken T2B
  2. Thruster
    5×5 alt with 1:30 moderate row
  3. OHS
    7×3 pausing 3 seconds at bottom. Alt with 30 DU
  4. 5 Rounds
    Accomplish 40/30 reps each round:
    Row 1:00 for cals
    If you don’t get to 40/30 calories, complete the remaining reps in Turkish get ups (KB=55/35)
    Rest as needed.
    Cap 20′ (but this is NFT)





Here at Rebels’ we use a schedule book vs. an online version or app.  While it may seem convenient to whip out your phone and sign into a class online, there are some flaws in most of the programs we’ve tested out.  Someone mentioned that they had tried to sign into an online class at one of these fitness facilities, but the class had been capped. Oh no, there goes your stress relief sweat session for the day because the computer says ‘nope.’ Many of you look to see who else is training throughout the day and choose to train with your friends. The more common apps won’t let you see who else is signed into a class. There are so many things “not ideal” with the online scheduling options we’ve seen…we just aren’t ready to make that change.

Having a paper schedule book has a few perks, in our eyes.  It allows us to compare the coach to athlete ratio. We’re able to see where we may need to pull another coach on to provide you with the coaching attention you deserve. It’s harder for us to do when 2 coaches are on the 12 athletes we were expecting and 8 more poke their heads in. (Hence, USE the schedule!). We will never turn you away but respecting our schedule is greatly appreciated and courteous to your fellow athletes.

It allows us to program as necessary for YOUR fitness. Maybe your shoulder is tweaked and we’re snatching that day. Well, our coaches want to see your smiling face walk in the front door so we can B-line for you and discuss a modification for that day keeping you happy and healthy.

Another key benefit with a paper book is our classes are never officially ‘capped.’ Therefore, your spot isn’t restricted because Sally put herself on the schedule but may not even be there that day at the time. Voila! *insert happy dance here*

How we schedule/run this part of the business is niftier for us for various reasons we could continue to list, but hopefully, you can see the picture we’re painting. Please understand there is a rhyme to our reasons. Rebels’ likes to kick it old school with a few things and appreciates your support.

-CrossFit Rebels Coaches

Coach Paul’s Team WODSquats and an AMRAP