PSN and “Hot Flash”

Friday, August 7, 2020

Work Out of the Day


Power Snatch
On the Minute x 3:
5 Touch and Go PSn
Rest 1 Minute
On the Minute x 3:
3 Touch and Go PSn
Rest 1 Minute
On the Minute x 3:
1 PSn.


“Hot Flash”
Power Snatches (95/65)
Kipping Handstand Push-ups



The newly enhanced BTWB app is the longest-running statistics tracker in the sport of CrossFit. It’s like your WOD Book or Workout Journal, only smarter!

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As we’re all trying to figure out “how good we are”, BTWB has the most data you can use to determine not only your rankings by gender and age group, but by the style of training we do…from CrossFit Total…to Cindy…to a 500M Row.

If you’re not tracking your WODs, shame on you. Seriously, you’re losing the statistical benefit of seeing your progress.

CrossFit is our SPORT. We measure progress from month to month, year to year, workout to workout. Humans, in general, need to progress in life, and your training is no different.

You can use BTWB THROUGH BTWB and enter your own WODs and reps and scores.  Or, y0u can subscribe to BTWB THROUGH REBELS, for $7.00/month, and well do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is enter your score and whether you Rx’d or scaled it.

Included Features:

  • Rebels WODs will be pre-loaded (No more writing down your workouts, only
    submitting your score!).
  • Get tomorrow’s WOD the night before!
  • No more figuring out a ton of percentages. Weightlifting and gymnastic percentages will be automated based off prior input.
  • See where you ranked in the WOD against all the Rebels who submit throughout the day.
  • Tracking of benchmarks and lifts will be recorded and easily sorted.
  • Track not only your fitness but also your sleep and mobility.
  • Analyze your weaknesses.
  • See where you rank in popular workouts (Cindy, Fran, etc…).
  • You’re special: this is only offered to current athletes of CF Rebels.

Inquire with a head coach for details.

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