Open Gym, Row Workshop, and Team WOD

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Happy Birthday Makenzie H!

Pictured above: The cute and smiley Janice during 2018 Halloween WOD. Start planning your costumes for this year!


8:00 Open Gym
8:00 Row Efficiency Workshop (Preregistration required)
9:00 Team/Individual WOD


The Blue Shirts

You know your Rebel coaches wear blue shirts; that’s our “uniform” and we wear them proudly. The blue shirts are a visual for you to know which coaches are on the floor in a coaching capacity. Many of your coaches train during your class times and when this is the case, we change our shirt from the blue coaching uniform.

We always want to be available to you, to answer questions, and to help guide you. For some of us, we have a hard time turning that off during our time be to an athlete training in class along side of you. We recognize we are offering you a service and of course, we want to see you succeed.

Just like you, an hour of training is a form of self-care for us, stress relief, time to chip away at personal goals, and relate to you athlete-to-athlete. This allows us to be the best coaches we can be and provide the best service to you.

Help us, by seeking out a blue shirt when you need help with scaling, have general questions, need to turn in dues, change your credit card, pay for protein, etc. That doesn’t mean we want you to ignore us while we are training with you. Treat us just like any other athlete during the WOD from talking strategy, encouraging words, or maybe even a little trash talking.

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