Thursday, December 12th, 2019

Work Out of the Day


Choose one:
5RM BP, or
10×2 Strict Press @ 90% 1RM
90″ rest between sets

3-5 Giant Sets
6x Lat Single KB Box Step Ups (each)
3 reps 3 position PC (Pockets, Knee, Deck) (video shows reverse order and squat cleans)
14x FR Step Back Lunge (same BB less load)
100M single KB farmer carry (switch at 50M)


Rest Day


PLEASE be aware of their need for the west rig and ask a coach before setting up in that area.
Many thanks from the CrossFit Kids Classes!



Friendly reminder about Open Gym: 

Thursdays Open Gym times are class times. If you want to train, you’ll show up at the top of the hour for the class you’re scheduled into. It’s not a free for all, meaning you can’t just show up at half past and do your thing. We are a class-based box and each hour still has to remain organized so the coaches can manage what all is going on during each class. The explanation for the posted WOD will occur at the top of the hour. Showing up at H:30 for an H:00 WOD will get you nothing – no explanation and probably no help as we should ask you to wait till the top of the hour for the next class. Please respect the class times regardless of the day. 

Additionally, due to the fact that we have classes, and we’re not an all-day 24/7 Globo Gym, your classes are still about an hour. The same rules apply for the 6am class that apply to the 9am class (fair is fair). We close at 10am so the 9am class has an hour. If you train at 6, 7, or 8am you have the same options as the 9am.  

Finally, “Open Gym”, when we added this option, is meant to be used for Strength or Skill. Not metcons. We run you guys pretty hard on M,T,W, and F.  Thursdays are mean to break from the high-intensity metcon to work strength, skills, and deficiencies. If you feel you’re “deficient in metcon”, show up more on M, T, W, and F!

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. All coaches have the authority to enforce these rules.


We have always had a different midset here at Rebels…at least in our opinion, different from other CrossFit boxes – and it has nothing to do with our thinking we’re “better”, but rather, believing in education, experience and offering a complete “package” for health and fitness. CrossFit IS THE BOMB! If we didn’t belive in it we all wouldn’t still be committed to it. The combination of fast strength and power from the Olympic Lifts with slow, raw strength from the power lifts, and the mobility, flexibility and strength of gymnastics coupled with the sheer nastiness of bikes, rowers, ropes and sprinting…CrossFit training is the answer to the health crisis in our world! We truly believe that! From young to old.

But sometimes, LIFE gets in the way:

  • diet is hard to control in our fast- and convenient-food lives
  • sleep is underrated as we try to pack in too much “stuff” every day
  • time and life stress happen:  training can be sporadic or seen as an afterthought
  • finding a community or friends to support being “healthy” is also fleeting
  • injuries happen…just the other day the Warped Wall on a well known obstacle course claimed another victim, also one of our athletes!
  • imbalances in our training can cause frustration;
    • being well over ideal bodyweight can make gymnastics and running/jumping harder
    • simply being dominant in the lower body can make upper body movements harder (and vice versa)
    • fear can create imbalance – as in “the fear of being inverted” can make learning handstand movements more difficult
  • fear of working complicated movments in a crowd can prevent some athletes from using Open Gym time to work weaknesses

Sometimes a little extra training in any one of the above areas can make all the difference in your overall progress.  And sometimes, we just want a specific plan or more one-on-one training to help us out of a rut. And then there’s the desire to compete and sometimes having a trainer work with your through the mental side of things.

So what’s the different mindset? Education and experience. All of our coaches who provide personal training services are also NCAA certified personal trainers.  Now, we know CrossFit’s position on pesronal training, but our exprience has been, having trainers who are educated full-on in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology allows us to work through the common issues we all hear about CrossFit. We are able to work through tweaks and postural issues that affect your training, and not only prevent but help rehabilitate injures. Only coaches who have their personal training certification AND have had solid hands-on experience offer personal training and nutrition coaching at Rebels.  Outcomes are important to us and we believe in an individual approach to everything: training, diet and advising in general!

If you ever feel stuck in your training, talk to one of us about Personal Training. We’re not big “sellers”. Our goals are progress.  Sometimes this can help! While some of the trainers list “limited availability”, that’s for full/frequent packages. We will always make time help!

Coach Nicole is also availablve for Personal Training but was MIA during this photo shoot.

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