Open Gym Or…

Saturday, January 16, 2020

Pictured above: LT earning her red marker with the double under, cardio, and squat workout!


8:00 Open Gym
9:00 Team WOD


Whoop There It Is
(I know, we are cheesy)

You may have seen some of your coaches and fellow athletes wearing a wrist band that looks something like this.

This is a Whoop. It collects physiological data to provide you with data on your body’s sleep, recovery, strain and more.

Ask one of your fellow athletes (We know Tracy, Chris B and Kelly Mc wear one) or coaches Moana, Andy, Fields, Leigh, Derek, or Tiff for their invitation code for you try try 30 days of Whoop for free!

Along with learning how to optimize your training through your Whoop data, you can join communities of friends and family, and those of similar demographics, region or interests.

Rebels has a Whoop community!! If you’ve got a Whoop and we don’t know it, join our group!!

Learn more about Whoop here: WHOOP – The World’s Most Powerful Fitness Membership.

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