Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Pictured above: Wonder-Women: LT and Rojas! We miss you Rojas!



OTM x 10
1 Squat clean thruster (cluster from the deck)
Set 1: 60% 1RM Jerk
Set 2-10 Build to a heavy single

3-5 Sets, warming up to or above WOD weight:
3 Squat snatch (not TnG)


For time:
40/30 Cal row or 31/21 bike or 400m run
20 Squat snatch 115/85
40/30 Cal row or 31/21 bike or 400m run
10 Minute cap


Watch Your Email!

Stay on the lookout for an email to sign up for our new gym management software, Push Press! This software will streamline how you pay your membership dues and in the future will include more features like Paleo store payments, merchandise, and class schedules.


Our tentative schedule for Open Workshops is as follows: (all Saturdays at either 8:00 am or 10:00 am unless otherwise noted). Cost is $30.00 per athlete and the workshop will last an hour (longer if needed). Limit 10 athletes per workshop. If we fill up we’ll consider opening a second, but it’s not guaranteed.

10/10-Rowing workshop

When you row, is your back tight/upright? Do your heels come off the footplate in the catch? Do you know what the catch is? Is your stroke rate above 30 consistently? Do you know what the stroke rate it? If you have questions after reading this, you should attend!

10/24-Handstand workshop

Can you kick up and hold a handstand on the wall? Have you been practicing walking into the wall? Can you handstand walk in minimum 5 feet increments? (that’s the point standard in the Open) If you aren’t afraid of getting upside and you still can’t walk 5 feet, you should attend!

11/7-RMU/BMU workshop

Prerequisites for this are solid chest to bar pull ups (5 men/3 women) and solid ring dips (5 men/3 women). One of these WILL be in the open. If you have the foundations, we can work with you on drills and you have enough time to obtain this skill prior to the open.

12/12 -T2B workshop

Toes to bar show up in high numbers…and typically with another movement that makes them harder! Learning the kipping / beat swing, mastering that and drilling a tight swing are the keys to T2B. If you’re working on them and want more efficiency, you should attend!

12/19-C2B & HSPU workshop

We’re combining the push and the pull in this workshop to give some relief to each movement during the workshop. Prerequisites for this workshop are strict pull ups and kipping pullups, as well as no fear of kicking upside down and you have been practicing negative HSPU in class.

1/9-DU workshop

Practice, practice, practice! That will be our fist tip. But also, breaking down some bad habit. Maybe you have Dubs, but you know (or maybe you don’t know) they’re not efficient? You should feel loose and relaxed when you do dubs…not tight and wound up. Your legs should jump to straight, not heels up like a donkey kick. Let us help you bring those dubs in line or in sight!

1/23-BB/DB cycling workshop

This can take seconds, or even minutes off your time if the WOD is long. Learning to efficiently move the barbell or dumbbell from your ending position to your cycling start position rep after rep is the key to fast, fluid cycling of the load. We’ll help you break it down, slowly, then speed it up and work it under duress. If you’re slow and choppy on the BB or DB, this workshop is for you!

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