Friday, September 27th, 2019

Don’t forget that Barbells For Boobs is October 5th. Sign up in the schedule book asap! It is going to be EPIC!

Work Out of the Day


3-5Rds for Quality:
250m Row
7x T2B
7x Burpee Box Jump Over
7x H.R. Pushup


For Time:
150x Wallball 20/14

Cap= 15Min
Comp to: 3/18/19


Snatch Technique
On the 1:30 x 5 Sets:
1 Hang Sn High Pull
1 Hang Squat Sn
1 Sn High Pull
1 Squat Sn

Gymnastic Complex + Snatch
On the 1:30 x 7 Sets:
3 Toes to Bar
2 Bar Muscle-ups
1 Hang Squat Snatch
1 Squat Snatch

HSPU Stamina

4 Supersets:
15 Wt’d AbMat Sit-Ups
Max Strict HSPU
Rest 1:30 Between

For Time:
3 Strict HSPU 15 DU
6 Strict HSPU 30 DU
9 Strict HSPU 45 DU12 Strict HSPU 60 DU


“Air Conditioning”
On the 5:00 x 4 Rounds:
20 Double DB DL (70’s/50’s/35’s)
20 Wallballs (20/14)
20/15/12Cal Row


PLEASE be aware of their need for the west rig and ask a coach before setting up in that area.
Many thanks from the CrossFit Kids Classes!



7:00 a.m.   Open Gym and Legends Team WOD
8:00 am.   Dr. Peter Blumencranz will speak to our community on Breast Cancer: statistics, prevention and treatment
9:00 am    The annual “Helen Meets Grace” with spins for Tracy, Moana and Janette, Team WOD
10:00 am  After Party! BYOB, chair and we’ll have some snacks! Play cornhole, boob-like games, and just hang out with your community. 

Barbells for Boobs, the organization that provides screening mammograms for those who may not be able to afford them. DONATE, buy a shirt or at least check them out. SHOP their collection where proceeds also go to support their cause.

Like to make an impact? Sign up at the box to help Honorary Environment Chair, Megan Sawyer (message her on FB!) to deck out the box on Friday night in prep for Saturday’s event. #everything pink

The Mitchell’s/Whatevs Apparel has created a special shirt for this year’s event! SHOP HERE!







THE NEXT BRING A FRIEND WOD…isnt until NOVEMBER! During the Open we rush into judging after the Team WOD and don’t want to short change “your friends”. If you have interested friends, we can “Test Drive” them 1:1 at no charge! Ask a coach!

Saturday, September 28th
8:00am Open Gym & Yoga
9:00am Coach Sam/Ed’s Team WOD
4pm – 6:30pm i99 Gymnastics Level 1 – Foundations Course.
$80/athlete 2.5 hours of instruction
Heavy Mobility (required for gymnastics), Intro to Handstands, Bar kipping (T2B, Kipping Pull-ups) Intro to ring Muscle-up.

Sunday, September 29th
9am-12pm i99 Gymnastics Level 2 – Competitors Course.
$145/athlete 3 hours of Instruction
Mobility, Handstand walking + intro to HSPU, Kipping PU + BMU, Ring Muscle-ups

Friday night, October 4th
During the 6pm class and after, set up / deco for B4B! Sign up at the box and/or hit up Megan Sawyer at the box or message her on FB!

Saturday, October 5th
7:00am Legends Team WOD “Helen Meets Grace & Open Gym
8:00am Presentation by Dr. Blumencranz for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
9:00am Barbells for Boobs – the Epic version
10:30am B4B After Party at the box! 

Thursday, October 10th
8:00pm EST CF Games Open WOD 20.1 announced

Friday, October 11th
7:00pm Judging for 20.1 begins

Saturday, October 12th
8:00am Open Gym & Yoga
9:00am Coach Nic’s Team WOD
10:00am Judging for 20.1 continues

Thursday, October 17th
8:00pm EST CF Games Open WOD 20.2 announced

Friday, October 18th
7:00pm Judging for 20.2 begins

Saturday, October 19th
8:00am Open Gym & Yoga
9:00am Coach Paul’s Team WOD
10:00am Judging for 20.2 continues

Monday, October 21st
In honor of Theo Huff, pass on kindness today. #bethegood

Thursday, October 24th
8:00pm EST CF Games Open WOD 20.3 announced

Friday, October 25th
7:00pm Judging for 20.3 begins

Saturday, October 26th
8:00am Open Gym & Yoga
9:00am Coach Jaida’s Team WOD
10:00am Judging for 20.3 continues

Thursday, October 31st
8:00pm EST CF Games Open WOD 20.4 announced

Friday, November 1st
7:00pm Judging for 20.4 begins

Saturday, November 2nd
8:00am Open Gym & Yoga
9:00am Coach TBD Team WOD
10:00am Judging for 20.4 continues

Thursday, Noveber 7th
8:00pm EST CF Games Open WOD 20.5 announced

Friday, November 8th
7:00pm Judging for 20.5 begins

Saturday, November 9th
8:00am Open Gym & Yoga
9:00am Coach TBD Team WOD
10:00am Judging for 20.5 continues



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