In-House Fundraiser Competition w/ “2019 CF Games WODs”

9:00 am – ~ 3:00 pm


We had planned, mid year, to purchase some new equipment – 4 more bikes, etc.  We had a budget…

But mid year we (all of us…all 20 of your coaches) we started having discussions about flow, space, maximizing space for the main CF Class, Kids, Legends and the competitors program. WE HAVE SMART COACHES. Great feedback and several rounds of changes and we have a plan…a monster plan! And it blew our equipment budget out of the water.

So we had the idea to host an in house competition using the CF Games 2019 WODs, add a fundraiser (raffles, silent auction…”all the things”). Everyone seemed to be on board.

Enter…the plan!


Registration for this event, which will be 100% volunteer run, will be $50.00, and in that registration we’ll accept donations beyond that.

We have chosen 4 WODs from the 2019 CF Games that we can simulate 100% or nearly 100%. They will be done as RX and scaled, as in the Open (so two divisions).

If you are signing up to compete, you will also be judging…this way all WODs will be covered.  It will be an amazing opportunity for our community to get involved not only at a competition level but also in helping organize and run it!

During the event we have a few items we’ll plan on auctioning off (and maybe some people!), so stay tuned for more detailed information on this.

We’re sure we’ll have logistical issues as our parking situation is less than desirable and we need the street for runs….but we’ll keep you posted on that as well.

Just like in a competition, athletes/competitors will bring chairs, tents and food and camp out for the day. Plan on spending the day with us!



Our initial mid year purchases were budgeted to be about $3,500-4,000.  With the new plan, we’ve about quadrupled our estimate.

To be transparent with our community, we’ve elected to share the improvement list to help justify the fundraiser. We will continue this plan beyond what we can raise funds to pay for, but it will be as we can fund it.

So here goes:

$  500.00  Infinity Rig cross members for Kids Rig
$  250.00  Retool flag wall rig (single bars)
$1,735.00  Infinity Rig for Pukie Wall
$1,735.00  Infinity Rig for north Rebel Wall
$1,000.00 Floating Pull up bars (parts, welding)
$   810.00  6 new competition plyo boxes (replacing old 20″ boxes)
$   700.00  20 pair 10# bumper plates
$   320.00  8 3/4″ stall mats to replace all wood platforms (molding)
$   875.00  10 rig mounted wall ball targets
$   400.00  5 new climbing ropes
$ 2,796.00 4 Assault Bikes
$    350.00  5 sets of rings
…and there are other minor things and a wish list of larger load bumper plates, DBalls, and a Ski Erg that didn’t make the cut.

Our estimate for this plan including miscellaneous items is between $13,000.00 and $15,000.00.

Open Gym or Grunt WorkMARY