Health Challenge Day 1

Hey folks!

Most of you should be in bed! Myself included…but we need something to chew on tomorrow . Day 1 was a blur! We saw most of you at the box today, and if not today tomorrow because the first to the physical challenges is tomorrow!  And most are at the very least thinking a little differently.



Your coaches are scoring you, but some of us talked and figured it might be a good idea for us to put the form we’re using to track you guys online so you can use it too. It’s attached here in and I’m also going to try to post it to facebook as a document in our group.


You do not have to keep this record – we’re doing that for you, but you want to track along – please do and this might make things make more sense!


Don’t over think this!

Each meal, lead with protein ( 3-5 oz women and 6-8 men). Add unlimited (4+) cups  – which would be 1 1/3 if you split it by three meals – of non-starchy vegetables (basically unlimited), 1/2 to 1+ cups of starch (oatmeal, rice, quinoa, potato) and ensure enough fat to fill you up! It’s really that simple. Text your coach for ideas or post to FB group.


And sleep is calling! ~ Coach Sam out.



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