Gymnasty all the way

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Happy Birthday George T!

90+ year old Legends Athlete, Jaye.  What a boss!


Work Out of the Day


  1. Strict HSPU
    7 sets, staying below max effort by trying for similar numbers each round


This will be one of our higher level WODs where the scaling will be specific with COVID spacing so that those who can HS walk in minimum 5′ increments efficiently will have a section in the middle of the gym to work through the sets of 25′.  Those who are HS walking inconsistently but can often achieve 5′ will make 5 x 5′ trips walking into the wall.  DBL DB DL will be reserved for those fully RX’ing the WOD. First level of scaling will be BB DL at a very challenging load.

  1. “Flex Seal”
    For Time
    50 Sit ups
    25′ HS walk
    25 Dbl DB DL (50/35)
    25′ HS walk
    40 Sit up
    25′ HS walk
    20 Dbl DB DL
    25′ HS walk
    30 Sit up
    25′ HS walk
    15 Dbl DB DL
    25′ HS walk
    20 Sit up
    25′ HS walk
    10 Dbl DB DL
    25′ HS walk
    10 Sit up
    25′ HS walk
    5 Dbl DB DL
    25′ HS walk


PLEASE be aware of their need for the west rig and ask a coach before setting up in that area.
Many thanks from the CrossFit Kids Classes!



Our friends next door, Billy, Kirby and Benton have been working for …too many months. You know how it is…City Planning Department, permits…but good news! They received their final permit the week of June 6th! With any luck, we’ll be partying with them before you know it! If you see them working on site, stop and say hello and tell them we’re ready to help them open!

A little about them, from their website:

We are a brewery located in Clearwater, FL. Founded in 2015 by a group of beer lovers with a passion for trying different beers from around the U.S. and throughout the world. That led to home brewing with the goal of developing new recipes that combined the flavors and characteristics of our favorite beers while also adding our own unique touch. We specialize in handcrafted small-batch ales and lagers with an emphasis on quality and taste. By using only the finest hops, grains and natural ingredients we strive to produce unique, world-class beers that appeal to a wide array of tastes and palates.


We’re back to allowing the CF Kids room for athlete with children waiting while parents train. Please text in so we know you’re bringing kids to wait, and we’ll be sure to keep same households together and separate others as needed.

Thanks in advance for the communication!

Snatch for load, then sprint for time!Five Below