About CrossFit


15 years ago, CrossFit was not very well known. Fitness trends included highly mirrored facilities full of machines and treadmills, no instruction, with half or more of the end result focused on vanity. Fast forward to a time where many people of have heard of CrossFit (good or bad).

If you want to get fit, fast, in a challenging environment, with others who have the same goals…if you want to improve your health (all the aspects of health), CrossFit is for you!

What do we mean by “get fit fast“? Well, can you push and pull your body weight? Defined by us as a full range of motion push up where your chest touches the floor and then you push all the way up to full extension…or you hang from a bar at full extension and pull all the way up until your chin is OVER the bar? Can you crank out 10-20 perfect, rock solid push ups? (No, knee push ups don’t count!) Or how many legitimate OVERHANDED pull ups (not underhanded “chin ups”) can you do…and how fast can you do them? Yes, I said how fast. Do we have your interest yet?

OK, how about speed? Can you run fast? How about fast and “long” – meaning fast for 1/2 mile? What about rowing or jump rope or stationary bike? Ever tried a sustained effort for time and distance?

Can you lift heavy things from the ground? How heavy? How about 1/2 your bodyweight? Or equal to your bodyweight. Or twice your body weight and above? Then could you hoist that load overhead? These are all physical challenges that can be related back to your daily life.