Go Ruck!

Saturday, May 9th, 2020

Happy Birthday Alicia!

Another Saturday not at the box.

Try this today: today is the last “nice day” before Mother’s Day. Get out there and “Ruck”! Yes, walk a longer distance than usual with a backpack full of books, weights, bricks, etc., on your back.


First, walking is primal. It’s essential. It’s been a staple of homosapiens from the beginning of time. So is loaded walking.

Next, a lot of older individuals DON’T get enough physical activity, and this is doable for most, especially those who don’t train the way we do. The load helps stimulate the skeleton and improve bone density. It also is more taxing to helps tax the cardiorespiratory system.

Next, balance. whereever you’re carrying the load, shoulders, back, front, arms….this taxes your core and engages it more.

Finally, it’s different. BE DIFFERENT TODAY!

If you have a mom (and dad of course!) locally or know a middle/older aged woman, Ruck with them in honor of Mother’s Day. Put one foot in front of the other, just like with everything in life, take a step toward doing something new or different.

Seasoned Ruckers: carry the pack in an odd location – if you always ruck with the rucksack on your back, switch it around to the front! Be different today!



So, as you may know, we did our first Saturday Zoom (vrtual) yoga class on April 4th and it got bombed! This means, people we didn’t want to, joined the meeting and started causing a ruckus!  So we closed zoom and thank goodness Coach Paul was there and we were able to move to facebook and Instagram live without a hitch.
Moving forward, Coach Tiffany has made the following protections to prevent this from happening again:
  • The meeting is now password protected. To obtain the password, email us or you can text the box phone or if you have a coaches phone number, they all have the password.
  • The link to join the meeting has not changed.
  • Tiffany has enabled a “waiting room” in Zoom. This means, she will allow people into the meeting. So if someone signs in using a name we don’t know, they  won’t be allowed in. So be sure  to put your name in during the prompts as you sign into zoom. So for example, if “galaxy 8” signs in, we’re not allowing them into the meeting because we don’t know who that is.
  • Once we start the yoga class, Tiffany will wait maybe 5 minutes to allow for those joining fashionably late, and then she’ll  lock the meeting so no one else can join.
There is information in the facebook event to advise we’ve got a password now.
For more information, you know how to reach us!

Top 10 Ways To Return To Rebels

Post “Safer At Home” Orders

As we begin to prepare to return to the Box (YIPPIE!!!!!!!) post COVID shut down, your coaches have created a list of things to consider when returning.


These items are simply to help us keep proper social distancing, and reduce the surface areas that will need to be sanitized.

  1. Change into your workout clothing at home (or at work) if possible.
  2. Post workout, if you can, shower at home.
  3. When nature calls, it calls…but we’d be doing a disservice if we didn’t encourage you poop at home too.
  4. Be mindful of how much gear you bring in. Gym bags will stay with you at your pods, as opposed to being stored on shelves.
  5. Stay hydrated, for sure! It’s getting hot out! That being said, all drinks should have a lid.


These items are just a few things to keep in mind about your workouts as you ramp up your training.

  1. Be mindful of how you’re feeling working out. We might be feeling super competitive now that we are able to workout with friends. Remember, it’s OK to take a break if you need one. Just be mindful as you transition back to higher intensity workouts with heavier loads, and peer pressure to go faster and harder. Let’s hope you won’t need to puke, but if you need to, you’ll most likely end up invading another athlete’s space to get outside. LOL
  2. When coaches are yelling…we mean…coaching you to squat lower, come to full extension, or to lock out your elbows, remember how much you missed us while working out at home.
  3. Welcome back to alpha/bravo progressions. When thinking of scaling options for the workouts, be cautious and more conservative with respect to loads and reps. It’s OK to over scale the first few weeks as you ramp your training up.
  4. You most likely will be sore. That’s expected. Take extra time at home to stretch and mobilize. You won’t have space at the Box to stretch and roll after the workouts, so carve out time at home!
  5. While in your workout pods, you’ll be limited to where you can go in the Box. If you need something, or you have a question don’t be afraid to call out to a coach!  We are here to help you, support you, guide and encourage you. Don’t be shy…we missed you and want to interact with you.

24-21-18-15…Wait What Rep Is This?See our outreach to Governor DeSantis