Yoga, Open Gym & Coach Jaida’s Bring a Friend Team WOD

Saturday, January 11th, 2020

Happy Birthday Joe T and Mike A!

8:00 a.m. Open Gym & Yoga with Tiffany
9:00 a.m. Coach Jaida’s Bring a Friend Team WOD


Every year we pit the women of Rebels against the men of Rebels in a day-long event.  We WOD, play CrossFit Jeopardy, sometimes (this year!) scavenger hunt, hit up a few drinking games and other stupid games, smash a pinata, eat, drink (again) and by the end of the day, in true competition style, we crown the fittest and crafiest “gender” in the box.

Sign up is left of the scoreboard at the box. $25.00 will cover your shirt and food – which we’ll provide. BYOB and chairs/coolers. We’ll assign captains and have more details added here soon. Just save the date: Saturday, February 15th!   Plan to spend the day!


Coming to you from Head Coach and General Manager, Paul, and Head Coaches Ed and Sam. As we embark on year 10 at CrossFit Rebels, we feel it’s time to do some bragging! We never brag about our size because regardless of our membrship, we always maintain that small community feel.  One of the secrets of our “old school” management!   But the three of us think it’s time to boast a bit!

Your coaching team is INVESTED. Invested in you, in CrossFit as a sport, and in getting better as coaches, confidants and “influencers” in your lives.  All of us…every singe one:


Paul         Nicole    Jaida      Tiffany     Haylee    
Leigh      Crum      Moana    Slice         Terry
JBone     ANewd   BNewd   Charlie     Fields
Kimmy   AJ            Kyle        Ed             Sam


Arbie     Trish     Junior     Bill         Charmaine
EZ          Jenn      Tracy      Mat H


Lilla     Nick H     Joel

Over the years, keeping diversity in mind, we have invested a lot in continuing education…sometimes on Rebels’ dollar and sometimes at our own expense for the love of the sport. CrossFit’s programming is rich in diversity, featuring disciplines such as Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Anaerobic and Aerobic Conditioning, to name a few. We train across broad times and modal domains, meaning we don’t just powerlift, or we don’t just train gymnastics…we train EVERYTHING! And in doing that, to do it right and coach it right, our coaches 1) have to know our athletes, and 2) have to be knowledgable in the movements and how to break them down and build them up. This takes time, education, practice and experience coaching.

The images below represent JUST SOME of the certifications and experience your coaches have invested in to make you better. And that makes us proud!

How do you capitalize on this? Focus on foundations. It’s one thing to RX the WOD, its another to do it well, efficiently and in a way that makes other athletes stand up and notice that you’re an “excellent athlete”.  Going into 2020 and throughout, use the resources you have in your coaches to enhance your training!

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