Dumbbell DT

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

Happy Birthday Kat B!



5 Rounds NFT*
7 Eccentric DB lower each arm (5″ negative)
10 Serratus push ups (5″ negative)
7 DB row each arm (5″ negative)
*If no DB, use odd object or weighted backpack 


For Time
21 Burpees
1 Round DB “DT”
18 Burpees
1 Rd DB “DT”
15 Burpees
1 Rd DB “DT”
12 Burpees
1 Rd DB “DT”
-Rest 2 minutes-
21 Squat jump over DB
1 Rd DB “DT”
15 Squat jump over DB
1 Rd DB “DT”
12 Squat jump over DB
1 Rd DB “DT”

12 DL (6 each side)
10 HPC (5 each side)
8 PJ (4 each side)
*Videos show 2 dumbbells, you’re using 1
**If no DB, use odd object or weighted backpack



So, as you may know, we did our first Saturday Zoom (vrtual) yoga class on April 4th and it got bombed! This means, people we didn’t want to, joined the meeting and started causing a ruckus!  So we closed zoom and thank goodness Coach Paul was there and we were able to move to facebook and Instagram live without a hitch.
Moving forward, Coach Tiffany has made the following protections to prevent this from happening again:
  • The meeting is now password protected. To obtain the password, email us or you can text the box phone or if you have a coaches phone number, they all have the password.
  • The link to join the meeting has not changed.  https://zoom.us/j/5535719291
  • Tiffany has enabled a “waiting room” in Zoom. This means, she will allow people into the meeting. So if someone signs in using a name we don’t know, they  won’t be allowed in. So be sure  to put your name in during the prompts as you sign into zoom. So for example, if “galaxy 8” signs in, we’re not allowing them into the meeting because we don’t know who that is.
  • Once we start the yoga class, Tiffany will wait maybe 5 minutes to allow for those joining fashionably late, and then she’ll  lock the meeting so no one else can join.
There is information in the facebook event to advise we’ve got a password now.
For more information, you know how to reach us!