Deadlifts and Childs Play

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Happy Birthday Ashley D and Ashli D!

Work Out of the Day

NOTE: This week begins a potentially lengthy process to change the incoming flow at the box. Yes, change. Swallow it…it’s going to happen. The pattern may not happen exactly as we try it initially, but we’ll adjust to the best outcome we can get with our goals for space changes and flow.

When you arrive, the WOD will not be on the main whiteboard. The goal is to move the whiteboard discussion to the old pull up rig where the plyo boxes are stored. As an interim change, we’ll use the mobile whiteboard for this in the upcoming few weeks to a month. If it works, we’ll make it permanent. The scores during this time will remain where they are, centralized, but eventually they will move too. In order to give you access to the WOD and warm up, we’ll order monitors to be placed in a location so that when you walk in, you’ll be able to get the information you need without interrupting the working class who may be in front of the whiteboards. 

Please be patient with us – we, too, are not certain of how this will exactly roll out but we need to make some changes and this is our first attempt. 


I. Deadlift
5 Rds
1 tempo DL (6161)* + 4 non-tempo reps
*(6 seconds to the top, 1 second pause at the top, 6 seconds to the bottom, 1 second pause before next rep)


II. Childs Play
3 RFT:
15 DL (205/145)
20 DB FS (50/35)
80 DU
Cap 15′


On the 2:00 x 5 Sets:
50′ Handstand Walk Practice
3 Hang Power Cleans

Set #1 – 65% of estimated 1RM Power Clean
Set #2 – 70%
Sets #3+4+5 – Build to a moderately heavy set of 3 for the day.

AMRAP 12: 
12/9 Cal Bike
12 DL (155/105)
9 HPC (155/105)
9 Strict HSPU


PLEASE be aware of their need for the west rig and ask a coach before setting up in that area.
Many thanks from the CrossFit Kids Classes!



Rebel Runners – Every Sunday at 8am, for years now, starting with a rag-tag sleepy crew, a group of Rebels started meeting at downtown Safety Harbor Spa to run, jog, walk….and
socialize. Call it active rest day. The kind of running…about 60-70% of max heart rate that borders on being ‘guilt-productively” slow, but also accomplishes the rover-style sub-maximal type of training we’d love to see you all do on a Rest Day! If you’re interested, find us on Facebook or ask Coach Moana as she leads the group.

Also, if you’d like to sport some official Rebel Runner apparels exclusive to our group, you can purchase a shirt like this from Whatevs Apparel HERE.  Congratulations Matt Mitchell for filling a serious void in our operations! 🙂 

Rebels on Paleo  – Rebels on Paleo is a face book group established a LOOOONG time ago to provide dietary support, information and motivation for those trying to “clean things up”. The group is for Rebels only and our goal is: keep it clean, but be social and live a fun life.  Sometimes it’s super active, and sometimes you can tell everyone’s on a Dairy Queen binge…it’s fun…you should try it! Find us using the link in the title and ask to join. You can participate or just follow the strings.

Rebel Girls  – Just the ladies of CrossFit Rebels hanging out! Occasionally we coordinate an activity, some ladies are looking for partners for competitions, some looking
for equipment or clothing recommendations…it’s all there.  All women, all CrossFitters. Good forum if you need us.  Find us using the link in the title and ask to join.

Rebel Leaderboard

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