CrossFit Rebels: A Decade of Fitness


There’s just no way to review a decade of growth in so many facets of our #4walls. Images provide great memories….as sight is a huge part of the experience. We have been keeping a Google Photos Album for …10 years! Honestly, we’re not even sure if this link will work – these albums have been shakey for years in allowing access ūüėā.

Aside from the luck that we’re in the minority of small businesses surviving to 10 years*, the maturity of the community is what truly blows us away. Think about it, if you wanted to try CrossFit and you’d never done it before and were somewhat intimidated, it’s very important that when you walk in the door, you feel welcomed, comfortable (aside from the heat!), supported and motivated. I think from day one we have achieved that and maintained it. You can’t dismiss “customer service” because you’re emulating a “garage gym”. CHECK‚úÖ

*About 30% of businesses will survive their 10th year in business.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Business Employment Dynamics.

Honestly, in creating this post, it’s hard to recap a timeline because SO MANY THINGS happen every year and honestly none are more important than others, and none more important than 100% taking care of the community. ¬†Probably the most fun we have every year are events:

  • Battle of the Sexes in February…and we’ve done this every year (less one) since we opened!
  • The CrossFit Open in February/March (last year October)
  • Our In-house Competition (which has survived many “name” iterations) in the fall
  • And Barbells for Boobs in October

We can’t help it. We’re adults who like to play games that involve CrossFit! It’s serious, but it’s fun.


OK so let’s try a timeline:

July, 2010 – we opened (it was supposed to be September, but Ed found the perfect spot a little early!). We occupied 1/2 of our current building. Southport Construction was on the other half.

December 2010 – FBomb and I looked at the photo wall of athletes and wondered “if we’d make it”!

3rd Q 2012 – we decided to do CrossFit Kids! Ed, Nicole, Christina and Sam went to Miami for the weekend to take the course. We’ll never forget that they taught us: don’t touch the kids…ūüôĄ. ¬†REALLY? Some things need to be unlearned!

January 2013 ¬†– we assumed the “other half” of the building as Southport moved out and we now have the “whole building”!

Around that same time, ¬†we started added a competitors track, starting with CrossFit Football, and morphing from that, to homegrown, to it’s current track.

In 2015 Р we added a Strength-Bias track that rotates quarterly

In March 2015-  Ed created and we began coaching seniors offsite, which morphed into the Legends Program we have today.

…it’s funny, all of the accomplishments over the years just make us better…more experienced…more well-rounded…better capable of training anyone!


There’s just too much to put in here! ¬†Friends, marriages, babies, second families…in addition to health, fitness, sport and competition. Seriously, SO MANY FACETS!

Congrautlations to every Rebel, past, current and future…you ARE the community in which we live our lives. We are all better becasue of each other!

Much Love,

Ed & Sam