Congratulations to new “Head Coach” Tiffany!

We have been lucky at Rebels. Our retention is pretty damn good! We’ve been in business for 10 years in July!

ALL of our coaches have our (Ed, Sam, and Paul’s) complete and unconditional trust. We are very selective with our coaches. There is a list of criteria they need to meet from their personality, CrossFit performance, likability, and they must naturally possess genuine care for others, outwardly, in order to be considered for a coaching position. They commit to shadowing 20 hours with a Head or Lead Coach.   They take and pass the CrossFit Level 1. There’s a solid process in place so that as a coaching team, we are seamless and consistent.

For YEARS, our organizational structure for coaches and staff has been pretty simple, and pretty flat, and remained much the same.

Beyond our team of amazing coaches, some of the coaches commit more time to make Rebels more of their full or part-time “gigs”.  A Lead Coach at Rebels is a very seasoned Coach. They have spent more than 10 hours a week coaching, consistently. They can manage a class independently and lead the floor. They have a personal working knowledge of all of the athletes (am, midday, and pm). They also help with the business management behind the scenes: scaling, alternate programming, etc. A Head Coach is someone who meets the aforementioned criteria AND who has taken and passed an NCAA accredited personal training certification. We have always had this as criteria for Head Coach as the anatomy and physiology of the CrossFit Level 1 course is limited at best. It’s the most amazing movement course, but as most of you are aware, things happen. Shoulders hurt. Knees feel funny. Muscles get strained. Understanding which muscles, tendons, and ligaments are involved in each movement helps a coach understand how to work through a setback. Head Coaches can also take personal training clients – whether its someone who wants more traditional training or skill or conditioning specific work, Head Coaches at Rebels are also certified personal trainers.


Tiffany has been with Rebels since August of 2015! Almost 5 years! When you look at her background and how her life seems to have been driven by “set goal – > achieve goal…rinse and repeat”, it’s not surprising she’s advance so quickly with us.

She’s known for her patience and slow methodical progressions toward all skills from barbell to gymnastics to conditioning. She understands the process of growth and that for it to be safe it takes time.

She went from athlete to coach relatively quickly after first becoming Rebels Yoga Instructor and creating the Saturday and specialty yoga events. Tiffany is able to create and execute quickly! Her coaching career continues to develop quickly. She has taken to the Olympic Lifts and to Gymnastics.  She’s taken additional coursework in both fields and continues to hone her gymnastics skills through i99. Her tenacity for mastery is something to behold!

Tiffany has excelled, as expected, in all of our behind the scenes work at Rebels. It takes quite a bit of work to manage all of our athletes, all of the programming and scaling, etc.  New athletes take some scheduling and managing, special events and social medial all take time. Many might not know that Tiffany worked for hears in corporate America in the Human Resources field and also has her MBA!



The day we decided to close Rebels because of the COVID pandemic was the day we were scheduled to meet with Coach Tiffany about her promotion to Head Coach. She had successfully taken and passed the NASM personal training test. The low of closing was THE WORST setting to blow up how proud we were of her…and it’s waited this long 60 days to be finally be announced …OPENING DAY! More good news!

Tiffany can accept personal training clients in her schedule now! She’s already proven herself as a Lead Coach and is well-deserving of this title. Congratulations Tiffany!


But wait! We have more good news! From the get-go, we have felt that Tiffany’s skills were the perfect complement to Paul’s position as General Manager.   Tiffany now has a dual-title: Head Coach/Operations Coordinator. She will assist us and Paul in executing and directing essential work to help make Rebels a better box. Our team is solid and growing in strength.

When you see Tiff – send her the virtual hug vibe! We’re very excited about her growth and the potential for our team!


7 min amrapTempo Tuesday