Congratulations Coach Pete!!


Congratulations Coach Pete, who has been officially promoted to Lead Coach! Pete has been working closely with Sam & Ed, Nic, Haylee, and Tiffany getting up to speed on box operations, floor logistics/management, closing and opening procedures, basic training for new athletes and learning our philosophies surrounding scaling and alternate programming.

A Few of the Many Reasons We Love Pete:

  • We can all can see how much he loves coaching and how proud he is to be a Rebel.
  • Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you, he’s the first to push you out of your comfort zone encouraging you to go faster and harder than you think you can.
  • He’s shown he’s not afraid to get dusty or dirty in tasks required of him.
  • As an RX+ athlete, his movements are pretty and we are in envy of his strength and skill.
  • He is a Marine.
  • He works hard to overcome perceived weaknesses (he attends skill/gymnastic workshops and actively works on his running technique).
  • He can relate to our high-level athletes while also working well in coaching and guiding newbies to the sport.

Pete already holds his NASM personal training certificate and is currently in school working toward a degree in exercise science. We have plans to continue to expand Pete’s role with us with a goal to move into a Head Coach position! We’re fortunate to have Pete with us and we are thrilled that he is a part of our team.

Congratulations Pete!!

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