Congratulate Coach Paul on a new direction in his life

Hey Rebel Fam,

Coach Sam here.

We have an announcement to make!

Sometimes when Ed meets with the team he’ll add in…”remember, we’re all not going to be together forever here, but we’ll always be friends.” He’s always set the stage for growth and personal desire.

And so here we are, one of our own has latched on to the desire to fulfill something that’s been burning a hole in his professional future. Coach Paul has decided that, on the heels of a military career he loved, the industry he should be in is one in that line of service.  I can’t say it better than he did, and all is well as Rebels as we make plans to support Paul in this journey.

From Paul:  I have always wanted to join the police force and after my tour in Afghanistan, I just needed a break. I fell in love with CrossFit and our gym and everything the gym stood for. I also loved being able to be a part of making a difference in people’s lives. But for the last few years, I have not been facing the truth, I am meant to be serving still.


I have applied and been accepted into the Hillsborough Country Sheriffs Office as a law enforcement officer.


It had been a long and extensive process. Sam and Ed have been very supportive throughout and I just found out on Thursday that I am officially accepted. July will be my last month coaching at Rebels. I will be starting the academy Monday, July 27th.


I know these are tender times with law enforcement. However, I feel there is no better time to want to join the force. I know I am a good person and I want the opportunity to set the example of what a good law enforcement officer is.


I know this isn’t farewell, this is the beginning of a new chapter. I have enjoyed, more than any of you know, coaching with and coaching all of you throughout the years. I appreciate the opportunities I have been given at this company and all the lessons I have learned over the years.


Looking forward to finishing out July strong!


Paul will be with us until the last week in July. On Saturday, July the 25th we’ll have a send-off WOD for him…please be sure to attend!
As a team, Ed and I are both proud of Paul’s decision and will support him on his journey. Are we sad? Heck yea we’re sad. Paul is an amazing coach. Probably the best. It just shows that when he commits to something he legitimately commits.  He was driven to be the best coach and we’ll miss that part of his being here. We hope once he finishes the academy he’ll want to train again! So here’s to potentially having him back in the community again!
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