Congrats to Coaches Leigh and Crum!

Congratulations to Coaches Leigh and Crum for taking first place in the Masters’ Division at the New Years Revolution 2020 Competition Saturday in Clearwater at Valor Fitness. We’re super proud of their podium finish, and their performance on the floor…stellar as always!


From Rebels we had 6 teams competing!

Leigh and Matt
Jamie and Terry
Megan and Craig
Kat and AJ
Steph and Justin
Ed and Sam

We’re super proud of everyone! We met some new friends…all lovers of the CrossFit Brand and CrossFit as a sport. Many conversations about the loyalty to Coach Glassman, CrossFit and the name that defines our training methodologies and the foundation of a program we all continue to strive for virtuosity under.

And finally congratulations to Ryan and the ABF Crew, and of course Valor Fitness, for putting on a top notch competition!

Sunday Rest DayThe 2020 Health Challenge is upon us!