Meet Coach Tiffany

Tiffany Wimmer
Head Coach/Yoga Instructor


Tiffany is a life-long athlete.  As much as she might tell you she hates running NOW, she is an accomplished high school track star!  She ran (and state medaled) in the 4×1 relay, 4×4 relay and track spike events the 100m and 300M hurdles. She earned her Red Belt in Martial Arts and competed in two ametuer kickboxing  fights! (Who would have known!).

As she entered her undergrad, she hung up most of her organized sports, but competed in a few sprint triathlons. Out of college she had a budding career as a Human Resources Director (now THIS, we can see…calm, collected Tiffany!). But Tiff’s love of Yoga, Ayurveda and holistic & preventative health took her in a new path as she opened her own business: Wimtastic Wellness. As an Ayurvedic Educator, she incorporates Ayurvedic principles to enhance the athletice experience during training and for post workout recovery. Tiffany is an E-RYT 200 Yoga Instructor where she teaches MySore-style yoga at The Body Electric in St. Petersburg, FL.


CrossFit started off as just another activity to Tiffany to do to stay fit once she left Martial Arts. What it has become is so much more.

“I have lived my life unhappy with how my body looks; always striving to be thin, or some ideal picture I had in my head of what I should have looked like.  CrossFit has helped me see my body in a while new light. I want to be strong and whatever my body looks like in order to be strong, I’ am happy with. CrossFit, in a way, set me free of distorted body image. Instead of training to be something I’m  not, I’m training to be the strongerst and healthiest I can be and CrossFit has helped me move from the physical to the functional.”

Those are the words of very mature and intelligent woman…the kind you want in your corner when you’re in the middle of a WOD wondering if you’ll make it! These are also the words of a mature woman who has a lot to offer others in a world of selfies and distorted priorities where the instagram influencer du jour is what you think you want to be like – or who you might choose to listen to today. Tiffany helps Rebels elevate above the social media chatter and ground ourselves in what we’re doing today, right here, that can make us a better person.



Her favorite lift is the Clean:  “It’s so powerful”.

Her favorite WOD is Cindy:  ” I love body weight movements”.

Her least favorite lift or movement: Thrusters. “OMG the amount of energy I expend doing thrusters…it’s like the life is being sucked from me!”

Her least favorite WOD: Fran. “I get so much anxiety anticipating this WOD. The last time I did Fran I literally cried before 321 go!”

…more fun facts…

Her favorite food is an obesssion with frozen red grapes.

If Tiff could be any animal….“I used to say Lion when I was younger because Lions are badasses.  Ants come to mind becuse they are ridiculously strong considering their size, but I don’t like large crowds and there are ususally a lot of ants aroud together. I love cats so maybe a cat? Service dogs are cool too..undecided!”


The gym (CF Rebels) benefits so much from Tiffany’s calm demeanor and the fact that she’s ever-present when she’s working with you. She is wildly credentialled and has a huge thirst for education and perfecting what she learns.

In addition to her Yoga and Ayurvedic Certifications, Tiffany holds her CF L1, her USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach and her Level 1 and 2 i99 Gymnastics Coach Certifications. Tiffany is sitting for her NASM personal trainer certification in March of this year!