Who is Coach Terry?

When it comes to Crossfit, he is sure a lover of technicality in movements and ready and willing to enter any Crossfit competitions. Terry serves as the Florida Grid League competition coordinator and has himself competed with other local Crossfit athletes in the state. He is also an avid GORUCK competitor and holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He has plans to return to obtain his black belt in the future.

Terry’s favorite movements include anything with a barbell. He says “something about that bar and those plates demand respect and are unforgiving. But once we agree on something, it’s kind of magical to see what happens”. You can say that again! His favorite WOD is Lumberjack 20 because it’s a longer chipper style WOD with heavy weight. Terry’s all about those chippers! On the flip side, Terry is not all about the running and states that he “was a pack mule in my past life, not a race horse!” His coaching style typically involves verbal then tactile teaching however he is able to transition through different styles depending on the needs of the athlete.

One thing you may not know about Terry is that he’s well traveled to many countries including Canada, Great Britain, Mexico and throughout the Americas. Additionally, he works as a plant engineer for Frontier Communications. In his free time, he loves being on the water, fishing, mountain biking and who could forget about eating. When asked what is his favorite food, he says “FOOD”. If you follow his on social media, you may notice he probably favors any kind of BBQ!

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Lumberjack 20 is Terry’s favorite WOD because it’s so heavy and long and it forces you to grind it out. He’s a huge fan of chippers.