Paul Chapman

Paul Chapman

Meet Coach Paul

Paul Chapman
Head Coach

Who is Coach Paul?

Paul will get to know you before you get to know him…because with Coach Paul – it’s about you, the athlete. That’s what matters. Born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia, Paul has two sisters, and is the youngest of the three. Paul served in the Marine Corps for 4 years, doing three tours overseas including an eight month deployment in Afghanistan . His love for the military and our veterans finds him at home in CrossFit boxes.

He was an athlete growing up – playing all sports, but mainly volleyball for all four years of high school.

Prior to CrossFitting, Paul followed CrossFit HQ on their mainsite and trained at “globo-style” gyms until that one fateful day he walked through our doors. The rest was history. Unlike most athletes new to CrossFit, he tested out of the on-ramp program, Basic Training, and tried and GOT his first muscle up on day 1! The amazing thing is that Paul had never been to a CrossFit box and didn’t know anyone at Rebels. When he got up on top of the rings for the first time, people he never met before and didn’t even know were cheering him on and congratulating him. He’ll tell you that it was at THAT moment he realized how great of a community this was and he was hooked from then on.
Paul became a coach within a year of training at Rebels, and our athletes are lucky to have such a caring and fundamentally based coach at their helm. Paul has grown in his ability to not only coach the movements from basic to complex, and to help athletes strategize their WOD, but also to politically point out when an athlete is imbalanced in their abilities and needs to focus on movements that they are not so skilled at to bring them back into balance. That’s a difficult thing to do with someone who is excited about what they can do and are good at…and not so excited about practicing what they suck at!

Paul was pursuing his degree at St. Pete College when he found CrossFit and became a coach. The satisfaction of helping athletes achieve their goals and become stronger versions of themselves (in so many ways) changed his education direction. He’s now pursuing his ACE certification in Personal Training.


Paul’s favorite moves are Butterfly Pullups because they are fun and look sweet. His favorite WOD is “Christine”. Paul hates Thrusters and STRICT Hand Stand Pushups!!!!! (Man they suck!!)

You might not know that Paul (and his fellow Coach Adam) are pretty animated singers with a choreography routine that’ll make you bust a gut! Drop in during the 2-4 hour on Thursday to see them dancing through the gym (just kidding!).