Nick H

Nick H

Meet Coach Nick

Nick H

Who is Coach Nick?

Nick is an all around sports guy and has dabbled in just about every sport but his primary focus was football. He was on the Varsity team all four years of high school and made the state championships. He was a “walk-on” for Ball State University’s football team but later decided to focus on furthering his education. Anyone that knows Nick can see his natural “knack” for coaching athletes. This initially began when he served as a JV and Varsity football coach and has now transitioned to coaching Crossfit Rebels athletes. He states his coaching style is that of a “players” coach using “positivity” to motivate the athletes to the best of their ability. You can find him on the revving up the athletes on Rebels floor usually in the evenings.

Nick first heard of Crossfit after watching it on ESPN. Before Crossfit, he kept in tip-top shape through the globo-gym. As a now longstanding crossfitter, he states, “it’s the one time of day that I honestly look forward to” even if it’s at 6 am! He feels he is constantly being challenged and that in Crossfit, there is “always something to work towards improving”. His favorite move is pushups and states he has loved this movement since college. He constantly wanted to challenge himself by seeing how many he could do unbroken. His favorite CF WOD is Cindy and favorite barbell movement is heavy thrusters although he really doesn’t like Fran or Fran-lung!

One thing some people may not know about Nick is he was originally an art student in college and we have the honor of displaying his artistic talents on the CFR kids wall mural!

Outside of Crossfit, Nick’s hobbies include anything involving fun in the sun including the beach, pool, golf, corn hole and movies/video games. He is an avid lover of Chubbies and was working towards becoming an ambassador for their company.

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