Meet Coach Moana

Mylene - “Coach Moana”
Coach/CFR Mom/Motivator

Who is Coach Moana?

Mylene or better known as Moana is a Physical Therapist, a CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 Coach, and is also certified in CrossFit Gymnastics. She keeps up with her education by attending various clinics and seminars. She has been CrossFitting since 2009 and is one of our original Rebel athletes. She’s also one of our “CrossFit Moms.” Moana is strong, speedy, and…vocal! She’s a huge motivator and embraces the intensity that CrossFit is known for, and at the end of her WOD you will hear her say, “let’s do it again!”

Moana has her Bachelors degree in Physical Therapy where at the age of 21 years old she moved halfway around the world independently, and obtained her license in Physical Therapy and has worked in many different fields of therapy ever since.

She was born in the beautiful island called the Philippines where she spent her childhood and came to the United States in 1991. She visits her family as often as she can and always finds a way to get her travel WODS in.

CrossFit has inspired her to push herself mentally and physically and in turn has made her stronger in mind, spirit and body. And along the way she has learned and embraced the never quit mentality. Moana had never envisioned herself coaching but the path paved itself along the way. The qualities Moana presents, which are invaluable to CrossFit coaching. She is a good detective with attentive listening skills. Moana loves CrossFit and the CrossFit community because it is exciting, challenging, fun and frustrating. And as a community, each athlete is always there for each other, pushing, helping and encouraging each other through the ever so sweaty, difficult and sometimes painful WOD’s.

Outside the box, Moana enjoys spending time with family and great friends over a wonderful meal. Moana also enjoys activities, such as, skiing, tubing, and movies. Moana’s CrossFit goals are to improve her HSPU, double unders, snatch, rowing, chest to bar and running.

Wodding in the Philippines


Favorite WOD Murph, Barbara and Cindy

Favorite Lift Deadlift

Least Favorite WOD  Overhead Squats with heavy weights