Mike Fields

Mike Fields

Meet Coach Fields

Mike Fields

Who is Coach Fields?

Mike, known around the box as “Fields” has been CrossFitting since 2010. He started doing CrossFit style workouts from the CFHQ website, and joined Rebels in 2017 when he moved back to Clearwater.

Fun facts: Mike’s high school graduation ceremony was held in the Rose Garden of the White House, he has been to 94 countries, and he worked for President Reagan!

Because of these experiences, along with his general curiosity, Mike is full of wisdom that he shares with his fellow athletes. This is pretty much sums up Mike’s coaching style; encouraging you to not only be the best athlete you can be, but to also be the best version of yourself outside of the gym.

When we describe Mike, we describe him as a man of high integrity, someone who cares and is very generous. He not only is a great athlete and coach, but at the core, he is a great human being.


Fields love the workout “Grace” which is 30 clean and jerks.  He likes moving a barbell, and he can cycle through these movements pretty quickly.  He’s strong so getting a barbell over his head comes pretty easily.