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Matt Lilla

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Matt Lilla - “Coach Lilla”

Who is Coach Lilla?

Matt was born and raised in Weymouth, MA. Here’s a fun fact for you … don’t know if you remember the movie Blow or not, George Jung, the person that Johnny Depp portrayed in the movie, went to my high school, and actually played football with  my dad. I have one younger sister, who still lives in Massachusetts, about 20 minutes from where my parents currently live. After high school, I went to UMass Amherst, where I got a degree in Sociology, and a certificate in Criminal Justice. I had originally intended to be a police officer, but in Massachusetts, you have to take a civil service exam and then you get wait-listed until a position opens up. While I was waiting for a spot to open up, I took a job as a teller at a bank to help pay the bills, then decided that I liked the idea of working 9 to 5 hours and the pay was pretty good, so I kept at it. So, while I am a CrossFitter by night, my alter ego is a mild-mannered banker. Long ago, I switched off the the teller line, and now underwrite commercial loans, and in a nutshell, I tell the bank who has the capacity to pay us back.

In 2003, I was living in Sunderland, MA., when I got a call from an uncle who lives in Clearwater. He told me that he needed to be out of town for a few months and with his son at school in Gainesville and his daughter living in Miami , he had nobody to watch his house. He asked if I would be interested looking after things while he was away. So, while he was away. So, I left Massachusetts during a blizzard in March 2003 and relocated to Florida. The next day, I got a call from one of my old childhood roommates, who told me they were digging out of 3+ feet of snow, while I was busy sitting on the sea wall and drinking a Corona. My mind was made up to stay in Florida after that!!!

Leigh and I met in 2007 through a mutual friend. Things went as they do, and we got married on 7/11/09. After a year or so of marriage, I found myself at the heaviest weight I have ever been(285#). We started to play around with a couple of workout programs, notably various globo gyms and P90X. That helped me get down to 265#, but I can’t get past that mark, and my weight actually went up slightly from there as well. Then, while I was getting ready to go out of town one weekend, Leigh told me that she found a gym she wanted us to try called CrossFit Rebels. I spoke with her the night after the test drive, and she told that she LOVED it and that I had no choice , but to give it a shot.

After a few days later, I took her advise and went for my test drive. After going through a warm-up that was harder than my average globo gym workout, it was time for the WOD, which would consist of a 7 min. AMRAP of 7 wall balls and 7  burpees. Ill never forget … that was the day I learned how out of shape I actually was. I made it through the first round okay, but then by mid-way through the second round, I ran outside, where I had my first encounter with Pukie. After a rough 7 minutes and a couple more rounds of puking, I ended up with 3 complete rounds. From that moment on, I decided that I didn’t want to be a fat ass any longer. Fast forward to a year later, my body weight is down to 225# and the last time I did the baseline WOD, I got 7rds plus 1 WB.

I have been Crossfitting for 15 months now and upon completing of Level  1 cert. , it is my intention  to look into additional certifications and accreditation   specializing in Olympic Lifts. I love CrossFit coaching because when I am not at the box, I am thinking about being at the box. I find the whole Cf process, from partaking in the daily WODs, to correcting the fundamentals, to the intricate planning that goes into the programming, extremely interesting. My interest in coaching started with wanting to be more involved in the programming process. What I love about CrossFit is anticipating before a WOD , where the adrenaline is all fired up and you’re going over every second of your upcoming WOD, and thinking about how you will tackle it. Mostly though, I love everything about CrossFit(except burpees. FUCK burpees!!!)

Personal Bests

CF Total 975#

CFFB Total 1350#

5K 25:48

Fran 5:50

Grace 3:45

Helen 11:15

Lizzie 3:52

Fight Gone Bad 275

1 RM Power Clean 250#

1 RM Deadlift 425#

1 RM Back Squat 380#

1 RM Bench Press 300#

GoRuck Challenge: Completed. April 4, 2014



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