Matt Crum

Matt Crum

Meet Coach Crum

Matt Crum - “Coach Crum”

Crum the Athlete

Matt, or Crum as we like to call him, has been CrossFitting since 2011! Crum grew up an athlete: three-sport varsity athelte in high school (football, hockey and golf).  He continued ice hockey in college, which as we all know is a high intensity sport…which is probably why CrossFit is a great fit for him as an adult!

Since starting CrossFit almost 10 years ago, Crum hasn’t looked back. He’s excelled in his CrossFit career as an athlete.  Aside from his natural competitive nature being fed with this sport, he enjoys the environment, camaraderie, and being able to help people improve. “There’s nothing better than the reaction that cmoes when someone PR’s or does something new!”.

Crum descirbes Rebels as “his happy place”.  “I love it. It’s become my sport, stress relief, happy place”.


This is the women (or a women) of CFR trying to prevent the men of CFR from getting their sled back to the box in time during the 2018 Battle of the Sexes…shenanigans are a part of our culture!

CrossFit & Life

Crum has some favorites within CrossFit’s movements including the snatch (he likes heavy barbell movement…and the high level of technical skill plus the weight is a favorite).  His favorite workouts are the short fst ones, and he hates burpees (tall people hate burpees!).

Midway into his CrossFit career Crum came down with  reactive arthritis. He was sidelined for quite some time so he knows the mental challenge being injured or unable to train can cause – which is a good resource for a CrossFit Coach. He’s also rehabbed from some challenging cervical issues….not that bragging on injuries is what we do, but as a competitive athlete and coach, Crummy can speak from experience on overcoming the mental and physical side of training.

Matt is married to his beautiful wife, Katie, has two children, Matthew and Kip, and two labs! (can’t forget the dogs!). Matt is also the Preisdent of a large international company…and we tell you that so you see with all he has on his plate, he still finds time to train take care of himself. Super important when influencing the lifestylee of your family.

A little more personal info: at the time this was drafted – the books/journals on his reading list was The Ecomonist and Bill O’Reilly’s Killing the Rising Sun. He loves pizza and hates zucchini and squash (don’t blame him!)