Leigh Lilla

Leigh Lilla

Meet Coach Leigh

Leigh Crum

Who is Coach Leigh?

Leigh has been CrossFitting since June 2011 and received her Level 1 CrossFit Certification in fall 2012 and her Level 2 in 2016. Majoring in Civil Engineering at Florida State University, she works as a construction engineer and much like CrossFit, enjoys the constantly varied atmosphere that her job gives her. You can tell Leigh’s the “smart one”: witty, and constantly keeping us in stitches with pop-culture’s best CrossFit cheers and jeers!

Leigh is a sports fanatic who lives for weekends in the fall spent around the grill and watching football.  She’s a die-hard FSU fan, even in a box split 50/50 by Noles and Gators!

How Leigh describes CrossFit and her path to coaching:  “I love CrossFit coaching because I love to be able to give back to CF Rebels what it has given me and I think that helping out as a coach is one of the many ways I can do that. The best piece of advice that I received when I first joined was to “just keep showing up”- and I want to do my part to ensure that every new athlete feels they are welcomed and in an environment to improve and grow as I felt when I first started- from complete scratch, 35 # heavier than I am now, using a black band for pull-ups, ring push ups on my knees and having zero self-confidence. I want to be the voice in an athlete’s head reminding them of how well they are doing just by showing up and trying. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses and some days are going to be harder than others, but every day is an opportunity to progress and be better than yesterday.”

Leigh loves calling  CrossFit  “adult recess” when talking to people who don’t know how much about CrossFit. It is the happiest part of her day to have that hour with my fellow athletes to catch up, get a workout on and do something great for herself.  Leigh also loves the impact that it has had on the hours she doesn’t spend in the gym- learning about nutrition & prepping yummy and healthy food, researching her favorite athletes, getting solid sleep to be ready for the next day’s WOD. Leigh says the impact that CF has had on her life goes far beyond the hour plus a day that she actually spends WOD-ing.


My main goal simply put is to be the best version of me that can exist. I wasn’t a college athlete before joining CrossFit- I was a big-time couch potato whose idea of a healthy meal was a diet coke and a Lean Cuisine. Now I am on the right path, I want to maximize my potential through proper nutrition and giving it my all every time I set foot in the box. I am not competing with anyone around me, but rather competing with myself and trying to beat my own previous time on any given WOD. I feel like if I follow my above plan and achieve my daily goals of WODing with a high intensity and making intelligent food choices one meal at a time, then my interim goals will fall into place.

Leigh will be your biggest cheerleader, the coach in your corner when you need that push through a tough WOD, and as a competitor, she’ll help you strategize the WOD based on your strengths and weaknesses.

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Nancy and Annie both of which include Overhead Squat and Double Unders. She also feels confident at WODs that involve squats in any form and burpees!!! The hero WODs are also important to Leigh because she grewup in a military family and is thankful for the opportunity to recognize those who fight for our freedoms. She has a personal goal to be able to do “Murph” with a weighted vest.